Sunday, 10 April 2011

It's for the children - like hell it is!

A disturbing tale is related in today's Sunday Telegraph about one man's fight to return to his family, having been acquitted of a rape charge involving a teenage boy. This article links to two related posts of mine here and here, the first dealing with John Hemming's campaign regarding the right of parents, whose children have been removed from their care, to speak to their MP and the second dealing with the harrowing stories of children being removed from the parents, related by Christopher Booker. (I would urge readers to follow those links - the content is sufficient to make you weep)

Much has been written about Common Purpose and the latest article to appear is that by Ian Parker-Joseph, from which:
"Most insidious of the tactics employed by both Common Purpose and AMP “leaders” was their infiltration of the child protection services of both the US and UK over the past 20 years, where upon their identifying promising recruits (most often between the ages of 12-14), children were taken away from their parents to be “indoctrinated” in communist revolutionary theory and practice and have, in essence, turned the university systems of both of these Nations into “hotbeds” of socialist thought and ideology."
There are those who mock conspiracy theorists, but I have to say the above extract does make one think - no?

There are serious questions raised by all the reports quoted and linked to above. Just who are these social workers who wield such draconian power? Their qualifications are? How can what is a basic right of our democracy, that of enlisting the help of our constituency MP in our battles with the state, be circumvented by social workers? Exactly what control do local councillors have on social services? How much of what social services do are councillors aware of? Since Christopher Booker brought this subject into public awareness, what have local authorities done to 'investigate' their social service workers?

Alasdair Palmer, also writing in the Sunday Telegraph, passes comment on this subject of super-injunctions and in so doing makes a very telling point whilst noting that other than John Hemming, it would seem that not many of his fellow MPs appear interested:
"MPs have lost the respect of many members of the public, largely because they have seemed to be selfish careerists who don't care about their constituents. What better way to restore that respect than demonstrating their commitment to restoring those constituents' rights?"
What better way, indeed?  It is most noticeable that one voice missing from those asking questions about what would appear to be a despicable practice is that of my own constituency MP. Bearing in mind that he is also the Prime Minister of this country, how about he shows a bit of leadership, retains a few missiles from the number being lobbed at Libya and uses the money saved to order a public inquiry .


Tufty said...

You can look at this from another angle too. If a well-established welfare state can produce parents who are allegedly unfit to look after their own children, then surely the whole idea of a welfare state is brought into question.

James Higham said...

Past 40 years, WfW. CP is just the latest moniker.

john in cheshire said...

WfW, I have been aware of Common Purpose for about 3 years and from what I have read, that organisation is a malignant force in our country. And for a start, ACPO should be closed down because as I understand it, it is riddled with CP graduates. There have also been articles about childrens homes where child abusers, who also had connections with CP operated without restraint over many years. Unions have been working against the interests of their members for years.
My MP, the Chancellor, doesn't think fit to even reply to my communications; that's how much respect these people have for us, who pay their wages. To even think that they would launch an investigation into CP and such organisations is quite fanciful. They can't be reasoned with, they can't be persuaded, and they can't be removed by peaceful means. If CP starts a revolution, then I truly hope that those who initiate it are targetted and eliminated for the malignant entities that they are.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

T: Fair point.

JH: Agreed.

jic: Agreed also - we should have sufficient lamp posts!

TomTom said...

Have you not looked at how Brown merged Child Social Services with Education ? Ever look at your Council Tax and see what a huge block 50%-60% goes to "Education and Child Services" ?

Funny how Libraries are today "Leisure" not "Education" but Social Services comes under "Education" and Cemeteries end up in "Leisure" or "Refuse Disposal"

But the dimwit voters simply pay...and pay...and pay.....but Boy George may have tapped that 1921 Well of Resentment as petrol prices and VAT and incomes freeze and inflation causes gaskets to blow

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: Yes did know and stupid boy that I am shud have included that!