Thursday, 7 April 2011

Free Speech?

MPs lose no time in defending their right to free speech, yet become incensed when others want that same right. The latest example - happily thrown out - is that of Mike Gapes MP (Labour) who attempted to introduce a Private Members Bill that stated:
"I beg to move that leave be given to bring in a Bill to improve electoral registration, to introduce identification of voters and other measures to combat electoral fraud, to widen the franchise to allow all those over eighteen legally resident in the United Kingdom to vote, to strengthen measures to control negative campaigns by third party groups and websites and for connected purposes." (my emphasis)
In the interim period, until that is an MP, or government, does succeed in curtailing our right to free speech, it would appear that underhand tactics are being used to infiltrate websites who are seen to be anti-establishment - Ian Parker-Joseph being one such example.

And there are some politicians who believe we do not have an intrusive state? The words of Norman Tebbit, on the joys of cycling, spring to mind!


john in cheshire said...

Isn't what has happened to IP-J the same as hacking into phone messages? There are people in prison for doing that.

Edward Spalton said...

They have already succeeded in curtailing free speech. In the general election before last I was horrified at the number of people on their own doorsteps who checked themselves and asked me "Am I ALLOWED to say that?"

People are frightened of the Thought Police and those in public employment or contracting to public authorities know that their livelihoods can be destroyed by a word out of place. So they censor themselves.

It is frightening that this has happened to a free people in such a short time.