Monday, 25 April 2011

Oh dear! More 'political foot 'n mouth'!

Robert Colvile, Daily Telegraph blogs, posts on yet more reasons to vote No2AV, although his arguments are neither here nor there as far as I am concerned due to my belief that it is up to the electorate to decide firstly if the voting system should be changed and to then select any alternative method, rather than having one thrust upon us.

What caught my eye, in respect of the heading to this post, is Colvile's reported summation of an article behind the Times paywall wherein Tim Farron, the LibDem's president, believes that failure to adopt AV would mean the House of Commons becoming a 'secondary chamber'.

Err, has Farron looked lately at the relationship between the House of Commons and Brussels?

Just asking.......................


kenomeat said...

A bit off topic, and just for fun, I've been trying to come up with an alternative cabinet. These are my suggestions so far and encompass both politicians and journalists.

PM: Nigel Farage
Home Secretary: Peter Hitchins
Foreign Secretary: ???????? (any suggestions?)
Chancellor: John Redwood
Energy Secretary: Christopher Booker
Defence Secretary: Richard North
Immigration Minister: Nick Griffin (just kidding!)

Any ideas for the perfect cabinet to get us out of this mess?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

k: Need to have a think on this - like the man but not too happy with your choice of PM......

TomTom said...

Having voted already I am tired of half-wits spouting on about AV as if it held some great secret. It is amazing just how much rubbish fills our media and how little real analysis ever crosses the threshold.

I think collectively this nation has lost its knowledge and insight and suffered a massive nervous breakdown. It is stunning to me that generations who left school aged 14 pre-war probably knew more about life than those applying to university today.

It is Infantilism and it is refleced in all political discourse