Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Its that time in the electoral cycle!

"Democracy is the only system that persists in asking the powers that be whether they are the powers that ought to be."
Sydney J. Harris

One again, in the electoral cycle, we enter the world of party political broadcasts - the time when the Lib/Lab/Con decide to talk the electorate, get on bended knee, lie yet again and hope that they will be believed, yet again.

It seems that we kick off tonight with the Conservative Party:

I have no problem with the first 1minute 3seconds, but then the lies begin:
"We are cutting taxes and red tape so that businesses can start and grow.....We've capped immigration........The basic state pension is being increased in line with earnings to give pensioners the dignity and security they deserve........Thats what Conservatives do in government, we roll up our sleeves and get the job done....."
What happened to the "one in-one out" rule, which seems to have been quietly dropped. What about all the red tape that is imposed by Brussels, about which no political party can do a damn thing whilst we remain a member of the EU? Immigration has not been capped - although the inference is that total immigration has been capped - only that from outside the European Union. Where is the dignity and security for pensioners when the ConDem give with CPI and then take away with RPI? Where is the dignity and security when the old and vulnerable are having services cut? The Conservatives Party, per se, are not in government and the present party using that name may well be liable under the Misrepresentation Act.

No doubt the Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties will also follow the above PPB - lie and hope we won't notice. Unfortunately some of the Great British Public will believe and consequently swallow Cameron's lies - and those that don't will then swallow the Labour and Liberal Democrat lies. Perhaps, as someone once said, we need to find a new set of voters!


kenomeat said...

Are UKIP doing any PPBs? I thought the ones they did for the GE last year were, quite frankly, disappointing. 5 minutes of Nigel in action in the EU parliament would have won more votes, or edited bits from the excellent "Out of Control" video about the disasterous EU environmental policies.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

k: At the moment I am png (persona non etc)it would appear with UKIP (told a few home-truths which I don't think 'went down' too well).

In any event it all depends on how many candidates they can muster as to how many (if any) PPBs they will get, but feel sure they will do as many as possible.

I have to say my own opinion is that UKIP do not have their act together in respect of presentation, media nor PPBs - but hey-ho, what do I know?

TomTom said...

I like Cameron's podgy, puffy face, it has that premature aged look of archetypal English Southerner with jowls and cardigan held at bay by Botox.

He is so charmingly insincere I think of Max Headroom. He is not as sincere as Blair but both talked too fast - gabbled - to be honest.......Eton of the South , Eton of Scotland

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT Have met him many times and as a person have to say very likeable, someone anyone could spend time over a pint and enjoy the chat - its the man's policies and as you say insincerity that I can't stomach.