Friday, 29 April 2011

Anyone in the EU reading this?

GoodnightVienna writes on Orphans of Liberty about the fact that any insult to the European Union is an offence and that:
".....under the Lisbon Treaty it’s an offence to ‘insult’ the flag, ‘insult’ one of its employees, ‘insult’ the anthem, ‘insult’ the institution itself....."
As an aside, in that same post GoodnightVienna states:
"I’m just waiting for the first case of a Briton burning the EU flag in front of the Downing St gates and being charged but don’t all rush at once!"
GV, I am tempted and I might just shorten your wait!

Anyway, to return to the main thrust of GV's article on the subject of "insults", let me make an attempt with the 'top three':

Manuel Jose Barroso: The man who Wikileaks stated that the Russians believed him to be no more than a glorified international civil servant. 

Van Rompuy: What can one say about a nonentity?  I thought Nigel Farage most eloquently summed up my views on Van Rompuy and, for the record, anyone offended may also consider Farage's words as said by me.

Cathy Ashton: This woman must be the first appointed to high office who hopes that her lack of experience will be compensated by her stunningly good looks.

The EU website here provides background to the design of the EU flag and states that amongst the reasons for the fact there are twelve stars on the flag is that in various traditions, twelve is a symbolic number representing perfection. Well, the EU most certainly is the grossest misrepresentation of perfection ever invented by man and ranks even lower on a scale of usefulness than that of the type of Izal toilet paper which was available in the 50s.

In respect of the EU and its anthem, I do not - and never will - acknowledge allegiance to either and consequently have no respect for its existence, nor any of its officials/employees.

With regard to insulting the EU's employees I suppose I should also mention Cameron, Clegg and MillibandE who, whilst posing as national party leaders, are just as much employees of the EU - and I have no respect for them either.

I can but equate the EU - and all who work for and within it - to a steaming pile of horse odure as both stink to high heaven and offend my senses.

In conclusion, the EU, Barroso, Van Rompuy and Ashton may all consider themselves insulted and I therefor await the 'knock on my door'.


john in cheshire said...

I'll add my insult to the edifice that is the EU. I can't think of anything sufficiently insulting that could best describe my contempt for it and the people who slavishly serve it. As for the flag, I purposefully refused to have it on my car number plate.
Maybe there needs to be a club that is dedicated to finding new ways to insult all things EU.

IanPJ said...

...amongst the reasons for the fact there are twelve stars on the flag is that in various traditions, twelve is a symbolic number representing perfection.

For those of us old enough to remember, 12 was also the basis for the English monetary system, until the imperfect EU made us adopt decimalisation, the numbers of Rome.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Unfortunately, I don't think they read blogs, MrW. If they did there are many of us who would have been taken away long ago but I shall bake a cake with a file inside in readiness for your incarceration, just in case. In the meantime, Carry On Insulting :-)

F***W*T TW****R said...

Fuck'm. Utter aunts. Cunts, I meant cunts. I've got a Halibut that needs tenderising and they've got enough face to turn it to mush.
And my word verification is unkam, which is how I feel about them.

Anonymous said...

I have never once seen the EU flag flown from a private residence in the UK. I frequently drive all over England and take great pleasure in seeing plenty of Union flags, Crosses of St. George, Welsh Dragons, Scottish Saltires, Red hands of Ulster. The occassional Irish Tricolour brightens up the day as do flags from numerous other nations. I have even see one or two Scottish clan Standards being flown. But absolutely never have I ever seen the hideous EU rag being voluntarily flown in this country. Once in a while you see it run up Corporate lickspittle flag poles of hotel chains or faceless multinationals but that just serves the point that given a free choice no private individual in this country ever choses to fly this alien monstrosity!!

Oldrightie said...

How can stating facts be an insult. Accounts never signed off due to fraudulent practices, unelected moronic hasbeens the backbone of a rubber spined commission. Uber mutterschneiden, all of them. The proliferation of Union Jacks today has been uplifting. I saw not one of those treacherous bits off rubbish bunting good for bugger all. Not even cleaning the car.

Stuart said...

Can someone cite the precise text that forbids insults because I cannot find it.

paulsc said...

I read your blog regularly and mostly find myself either nodding in agreement or getting angry as you reveal yet more EU intrusion into my life. What I don't recall doing before is laughing out loud until Iread the paragraph about Ms Ashton.

The Boiling Frog said...

@Anon I have never once seen the EU flag flown from a private residence in the UK

There's a house near me that does. I knocked on their door whilst campaigning and found out that the owner's son is autistic and has an obsession with lots of flags. I thought it best to leave that one alone in the circumstances.