Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Culinary Provisions: Them & Us!

For those amongst us with families, the retired on just state pension, the unemployed, those pinching and scraping to make ends meet in order to put food on the table, I bet you just wish you were a Minister responsible for Demography and Family Policy.

Nice work if you can get it - although I am extremely concerned and worried that a 4.9% increase in the EU Budget for 2012 may cause a problem maintaining this level of entertainment.


Sue said...

Did you see the others, read the menu's and look at the entertainment?

That's besides travelling to and from, accommodation, expenses (dinner suits and ball gowns)... would be interesting if we could see how much it's costing.

How they so blatantly put this up on a website as though it was something we all do.. is beyond me.

I'm lucky if I get a curry or chinese on a Friday!

john in cheshire said...

I suppose this is the modern equivalent of the peasants peering through the windows as the 'toffs' indulge themselves. Too bad there wasn't a 'bombe', is that how it's spelled, to finish off the event. Gawd bless 'em all.