Monday, 11 April 2011

They've already started!

Following the preceding post about the need by the EU for "an adjustment and overhaul of European history textbooks and curricula", I see now that they have already started - read this

Even by EU standards for self-aggrandisement, the text of this is extraordinary in respect of the language used - even allowing for the contradictions contained therein; example: "When the Soviet empire crumbled in 1991, the former communist countries of central and eastern Europe, after decades under the authoritarian yoke of the Warsaw Pact, decided that their future lay within the family of democratic European nations."

Despite what Cameron and the rest of our political elite maintain, there most definitely will be a common currency, an EU military arm (navy, army and airforce) and we all will be one people!

Now how do I get in touch with the people responsible for this? I need a few tanks, guns, helicopters, fighters, bombs, missiles........(what I don't need is the hemp and lamp posts for afterwards!)


Sue said...

I'm laughing hard. Do RSS feeds on your browser.... you'll be surprised what pops up!

I found that page when looking for something to do with the EU refusing to celebrate 60 years of peace and prosperity on a feed from the EU!!!

Woodsy42 said...

To some extent I am quite happy to be 'one people'. Most of the Europeans, western Europe anyhow, I have met have similar underlying values, needs and ideals to me and I value the opportunity to mix with and get to know them.
The problem is the EU bureaucratic structure with its undemocratic authoritarian control trying to make us all subserviant and the same.
That's the bit we don't want, and indeed neither do most of the other Europeans I have met!
Perhaps we need to be careful to differentiate between the people and the politics.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Sue: Refer email.

W42: Sorry but disagree - I do NOT wish to be one people. I don't mind mixing socially but at the end of the day I am not French, German, Italian etc etc.

I want my own culture and NO political interference!

Sue said...

WfW. I agree with you. The ideal situation would be a Europe with each country as a separate entity once again.

After that, there is nothing stopping any of them striking up all sorts of deals with each other if that's what their people want.

TomTom said...

I want my own culture and NO political interference!

Do you know how often I read those same words in German on Die Welt blogs ? You would be stunned to see how many people in Europe agree with this sentiment.

Yet NO party has managed to establish itself at any Pan-EU level - even online - as a forum for this viewpoint to be expressed.

It is frankly astounding considering how few Blogs there are in Germany compared to say Netherlands.

See how this Blog is looking at plagiarism in politicians' PhD theses and has now alighted upon Silvana Koch-Mehrin, Vice President of the EU Parliament.

It gets better and better

Woodsy42 said...

I want my own culture and NO political interference!

I think we are disagreeing over interpretation WfW. Of course I want my own culture, and as you realise I want out from the political situation.
Just that many of the ordinary people in Europe want exactly those same things. Not a shared culture but countries where each is able to freely enjoy their own (or indeed one another's as a visitor).
I feel there are many potential allies among European people and we shouldn't write them off or label them with the political institution.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

W42 Agreed