Sunday, 17 April 2011

Not a lot of people know that...........

GoodnightVienna, CallingEngland, has a post on the Localism Bill/Maastricht Treat - one that, as ever, is a really good read. Whilst noting all the denials about there being no intention to create an EU military force, the position of HRH, etc, on a personal level the following extract is extremely important:
"Hansard 1st Feb 1993 - citizenship of the EU not renouncable:

"For as long as a person is a British national, that person will be a European citizen, under the terms of the treaty and the Bill. As was said earlier, if someone wishes to renounce British nationality, certain
Column 35
consequences will follow ; but there is no separate provision whereby a person can remain a United Kingdom national but renounce citizenship of the European union.
Our politicians would do well to note that, on a personal basis, I was not asked about this; I did not give my permission for this to happen; as far as I am concerned my citizenship is mine, no-one else's; I will decide to which country or state I wish that citizenship to apply - so perhaps said politicians and the EU may wish to "Foxtrot Oscar"!


john in cheshire said...

WfW, me too. I am not a 'citizen of the European Union'. Or even a 'European citizen'. I want to swear now, but don't want to adversely affect your blog.

TomTom said...

You know I think a political party needs to electrify an election campaign by pledging to Decriminalise the TV Licence so criminal Law is no longer employed - or to Abolish It.

It would throw the BBC into such a loop that the Party would get so much coverage, yet every attack by the BBC would be so apparent to voters as self-interest.

I bet with current Politikverdrossenheit (tired of politicians) such a party would boost its support.

On such a peg it could hang issues such as Lord Patten being an EU Pensioner tied to the EU. It could hang matters like the BBC being funded by EU funds.

It could look at people on unemployment pay funding £300,000 pa newsreaders or people like Alan Yentob.

It could ask why the Eu wants Post Offices privatised, railways etc but not State Broadcasters.

It would be a super election issue

john in cheshire said...

Tomtom, I think you have hit on something that has, as they say, traction. Keep on saying it until someone champions it.

Katabasis said...

TomTom - decriminalising the TV tax is an outstandingly good idea.

This does away with any need to aggressively attack the BBC and instead see just how much public demand for it there really is. Which I'm guessing won't be much.

Anonymous said...

Well, they can think what they like about what I am WfW - as long as they don't expect anything from this citizen.

Foxtrot Oscar - precisely, with a very pointy stick.

James Higham said...

More of the same old, is it not? And people wonder why we want out.

Bill Sticker said...

Anyone care to inform us what the consequences are for renouncing UK / European citizenship? I'm sure we'd be interested to know.

Bill Sticker said...

Hang on, I've found the 'How to' guide for renouncing UK citizenship. Well I never.

TomTom said...

You have to move on the TV Licence quickly. Germany has replaced it from 2013 with a Household Levy whether you have TV or not....I could imagine that becoming an EU policy to fund a chain of EU State Broadcasters

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic, TT & K: Brilliant idea TT and as K says well worth pursuing.

BJ & BS: Yup to BJ and BS: thanks for that link.

JH: Same old as ever.

Bil said...

Little confused. Didn't think there was such a notion as a British Citizen, let alone an EU citizen. Although I may not like it, always thought we were Subject to the Crown.

What would I know.

English first
British second
European never

Bil said...

Sorry, looked it up, Nationality Act 1948, 71 and 83, we are citizens. Doh.

However, you can't renounce it if you've nowhere else to go.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

B: Long time no hear, how art thou? Tis true that wot I wrote, promise!

Subject of the Crown? That went out in 1972?

Your list is, needless to say, quite correct!

Bil said...

WfW - never doubted (I need to do more research!!!)and not hiding, just nightmare times in the office. Now the Syrians in the office getting very worried.

Lib-Lab-Con watch what the Arabian part of the world is up to.