Thursday, 7 April 2011

What does truth, honour and principle matter amongst politicians........?

In February I posted about the Coalition's "Affordable Homes Programme - Framework 2011-2015" from which, in the Foreward by Grant Shapps, we learn:
"So Government is getting out of the way where it needs to, and is supporting you where it can. Ultimately, though, delivery depends on the initiative of providers, and the support of local authorities and local communities. It is now up to you to deliver the homes we need."
This document purports to be Coalition policy and unless I am mistaken there is no reference to the European Union and acquiescence to any Directive or Regulation from that source.

Courtesy of The Albion Alliance Presents we now learn of this, detailing the requirements that Member States must implement in order to aid the integration of "Travellers" into our society, the strategies for which must be completed by the end of this year.

In drawing up their programme, the Coalition must have been aware of this EU "requirement" and it has to be asked whether the Coalition are not guilty of deception by not mentioning that fact.

Not that I am in any way intimating that our politicians - and Grant Shapps in particular - are in any way guilty of deviousness, lying, deceit, nor of being dishonourable and unprincipled.

You do believe me, don't you................?


Sue said...

Does Britain have these people already (Roma)? If they do, they've certainly already got social housing and if they're Irish Pikeys they won't want to settle down. They are nomadic people (so they profess).

Some Irish Traveller's have permanent sites on land they have bought and been allowed to pipe utilities to them without paying or planning permission. These people are now being evicted where possible.

On the bright side, if these people are being "encouraged" to move to normal homes, they'll have to pay for stuff like everyone else.

Roma, on the other hand are an uneducated and thieving bunch of misfits (we have them here in Spain, begging mostly for a living outside supermarkets).

An ethnic race/group do not get shunned for no reason, they either don't fit in, make trouble, or expect to be treated better than anyone else.

In answer to your initial question, yes I do believe you. I wouldn't put anything past this fucking socialist scum of a government or the EU.

God, I hate Socialists. I think everyone that works should either go on general strike or refuse to pay tax.

john in cheshire said...

Sue, I agree wholeheartedly. Culling socialists from our country would work wonders for returning to the path of normality.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

S: Actually when I lived in Cranleigh, I had some Pikeys next door, all on benefits - and needless to say the house and garden looked like a council tip!

Other than that and the odd word (language!) I agree entirely.

jic: see above - same goes.