Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Voting fraud shock/horror

So Rochdale has become yet an another example of attempted vote-rigging - well what a surprise, not. Neither is it surprising that the BBC makes no mention of the ethnicity of those who are alleged to have committed these crimes - which wouldn't have anything to do with this general problem, would it?

I had to smile at the remark by Colin Lambert, Labour head of Rochdale Council:
"If they [the allegations] are proved to be true then they are serious enough to disrupt the whole process of democracy."
The poor sap obviously does not recognise that the whole process of democracy in this country is already well and truly disrupted. As for being brave, why should I, or anyone else, be brave just to maintain the existence of low-life politicians?

Just saying...........


Katabasis said...

Saw this a little while ago, glad you've blogged on it.

It's a proper p**s-boiler this one isn't it?

"complainants, many of them elderly, had reported up to 20 people turning up outside their home.

They are being encouraged to sign their postal vote form and hand it over, uncompleted."

An "official investigation" just isn't going to cut it this time. We've truly moved into third-world territory here.

Sue said...

... and we still can't say that immigrants from East Europe, Asia and Africa are a bunch of thieves, con merchants, paedophiles, cheats and criminals :)

I would love somebody to actually collate the statistics on how immigration and immigrants have affected the crime rate of our country. That would never do though, would it, or it might sound racist.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

K: Thanks - oddly enough was not in writing mood yesterday......

Sue: Couldn't care less - I will continue to say what I wish and if that offends people, sue me.