Sunday, 17 April 2011

Andrew Rawnsley in the Observer

Another "what if" post, but one in which I believe Andrew Rawnsley makes a false statement. Writing about the possible results of the AV referendum on both Cameron and Clegg, esecially in respect of the responses within their individual parties to either result, he states:
"Voters have nothing to fear from AV and some things to gain. By contrast, politicians have much to be terrified about. For them, this is a raw, primeval, even existential struggle about power."
Whilst Cameron, Clegg and MilibandE exert the control over our politics which they presently have, politicians have little more to fear.

What politicians do have to fear and which will be a raw, primeval, even existential struggle about power is when the electorate finally awaken to what is being done to them by politicians - and having woken up, decide to dispense with the whole damn lot of them!

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