Saturday, 16 April 2011

Will there always be an England?

Courtesy of CallingEngland*, on twitter, my attention has been drawn to the op-ed piece by Charles Moore in today's Daily Telegraph in which he poses the question: "Will there always be an England, regardless of the origin of its people?"; to which my initial comment ran along the lines of: what a stupid question, because of course there will - providing politicians cease trying to change England's status as a country through their continual use of social engineering.

Like most countries who are each unique in their own way, England is unique by means of in-bred characteristics such as a belief in fair play; dislike of cheats and cheating; humour; failure to recognise an up-coming fight until the last possible minute; love of the 'under-dog' in any contest; an inherent laziness to learn a foreign language in the belief that everyone speaks English, to name but a few.

Those now approaching the twilight of their lives are those born during the 30's and 40's and who naturally yearn for the England they knew in the 40's and 50's - a time when England was a 'green and pleasant land'; when the pace of life was slower; when courtesy towards their fellow man was the norm; when politicians were, in general, men and women of stature; a time when, yes, there were immigrants and foreign tourists, but of an 'inconsequential' number and who respected the 'quaintness' of their host country.

It is accepted that life and the pace of life changes, becoming faster as technology improves; yet that does not mean that the 'natural' people of a country should be made to change their ways and in so doing be almost forced to forgo their traditions and their way of life. Whilst nations exist - and contrary to the politicians apparent desire - we can never be 'one people'. Nationalism is decried by politicians today, almost as if it is a sin and one has to query why this belief has remained unchallenged by the people of England. It seems that a hypocritical attitude is held by politicians who appear to bend over backwards to allow the Scots, Welsh, Irish and just about every other nation you care to name to maintain their ethnicity - yet when it comes to the English, that choice is denied 

Afterthought: Within the United Kingdom I suppose it is fair to say that the Scot's, Welsh and Northern Ireland's societies have been changed by immigration, which include 'the English', although not I assume as much as that of England. 

Just thinking.......................

* A 'plug':  For those that do not read Calling England or follow her on twitter @CallingEngland, might I suggest you now do so? She is entertaining, thought-provoking and well-worth a smidgen of your time.


Goodnight Vienna said...

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WitteringsfromWitney said...

GV: Thanks - one way or another, your profile's going to change!

Goodnight Vienna said...

:-) My profile's fine!

Anonymous said...

I have read somewhere that Europe is to be systematically dismembered and rearranged into regions with names not necessary reflecting those which exist now. Under this England will be broken up into 4 or 5 parts and given new names, supposed to reflect the region. This was what Prescott was trying to do in the North West. None of the new regions will be named England, so therefore, England will cease to exist. A similar thing is happening in the South of France
in that a whole series of smallish areas are being amalgamated and named, I think, "Nice Cote d"Azur", which is actually the name of Nice airport, but now also means something else. No doubt in time a need will be felt to rename Nice airport. Scope has been left for some small areas from what is now Italy, to be incorporated into Nice Cote d"Azur. Thus France and Italy will be reduced as will France and Germany, Germany and Austria, and so on.
Have I read correctly?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

A: You are, I believe, referring to the EU's NUTS programme. See:

and investigate the links.

(and not a lot of people know that - to coin a phrase)

The UK is indeed broken up into 12 regions and whilst there are commonly known 3 levels, it goes even deeper into parishes!

Why do you think our govt refuse to acknowledge England?