Monday, 25 April 2011

Proof we will do as Brussels tells us

Politics Home indulges in a little 'misinformation' on the matter of lifting the ban on liquids being taken on board aircraft?
"The EU has said European countries should all lift the ban on liqiuds on board planes at the same time to avoid an inconsistent security regime. Transport Secretary Philip Hammond has said the UK will be keeping the ban in place."
It is only be viewing the Guardian (of all newspapers) that one learns from a Department of Transport spokesperson:
"The safety of the travelling public remains paramount. It remains our intention that the restrictions on liquids will be lifted by 2013."
The ban must be lifted by 2013? Anything you say Siim Kallas, anything you say. We are, of course, yours to command!


kenomeat said...

I may have said it before but I'll say it anyway: just what is the point in having a Transport Minister? Surely a collection of civil servants can make sure EU transport policies and directives are implemented. Indeed, most of our ministers could be dispensed with.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

k: Agreed, in fact the whole damn government could be dispensed with!