Friday, 29 April 2011

What the "Political Class" do not want you to hear

From Thomas Sowell and his work "Dismantling America" comes this:

A few quotes from the video:
"If you took all the deception and fraud out of politics, there might not be a lot left."
 "That insidious and crafty animal, vulgarly called a statesman or politician."
Adam Smith
"One of the trends that can become part of a "  perfect storm"  for disaster of [American] society is the decades-long 'dumbing down' of education producing a citizenry poorly equipped to see through political rhetoric...."
"It was once the proudest boast of educators that they were there to teach children how to think, not what to think, but today all educators see the classroom as a golden opportunity for them to indoctrinate a captive audience ."
 |"Such an education sets them [children] to become victims of the next skilled 'demogogue' who can get them to respond as automatically as Pavlov's Dog."
"Too often, voting is seen as seen as some sort of expressive outlet for the voters, rather than a solemn obligation to pick the best people to lead the country."
Pointing out that few people take an interest in politics and those entrusted with their future, Sowell continues:
"Such people cannot preserve freedom, or perhaps survival, against politicians looking out solely for their advantages of the moment. Not all political leaders are like that, of course."
Our present problem is that we do not have political leaders that are unlike the present incumbents - well, with one or two exceptions - and unfortunately they are not, presently, "in power".

As is pointed out, we are presently "blessed" with career politicians, something which is at the root of all our problems, and that our society can be destroyed by those incumbents before the voices of more enlightened people can be heard.

Do, please, go listen to the entire video!


banned said...

Which is why I prefer an Hereditary Monarch with limited powers as nominal Head Of State.

Had Labour abolished the Monarchy Mr Cameron would probably now be dealing with President John Prescott just as he has to with Cathy Ashton.

paulsc said...

I caught part of the Moral Maxe on Radio 4 the other night as I drove home. Not sure what the topic was but a supporter of the monarchy was being questioned and he put forward an interesting argument that I ahd not heard before, namely that the monarchy was there to hold the head positions so that un-desirable persons could not do so.

Voyager said...

Do read Christopher Lasch...try "Revolt of the Elites" and work around to "Culture of Narcissism"

Dave_G said...

He states that we need " informed and skeptical citizenry....." a society that has been indoctrinated to see 'skepticism' as a form of rebellion?

If all is not already lost, it surely can't be very far from it.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

b: Accepted and obviously agreed.

p: Good point that chap/ess made!

V: will try to do just that - two I had not heard of......

DG: Agreed and there is the problem!