Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Journalistic logic - fail!

Mary Riddell, Daily Telegraph, has her usual op-ed piece in today's edition and contains probably the finest example of brain-disengagement yet. On the subject of Clegg and his views/position on AV, she writes:
"The current electoral system was just about fit for the Fifties, when Conservatives and Labour commanded 96 per cent of the vote and 99 per cent of the seats. In a three-party system, with the big two attracting 65 per cent of the vote, it is a crude anachronism. And yet, the imperfect alternative of AV has hardly set the nation’s pulse racing."
The thought processes of MR are obviously 'riddelled' with the inability to see the stupidity of the statements she makes. If the majority of the voting public are divided between those who believe in self-betterment as against those who believe in a life of idleness provided by the state; and along comes a party, who itself is something of an anachronism , sitting in the middle and promising the best of both worlds, it is hardly surprising if the take-up of their views is minimal. Neither is it surprising if a voting system, described by MR herself as 'imperfect', is viewed by the public with disinterest.

On the bright side at least Mary Riddell has yet to fully 'marr' her journalistic reputation - at least, as far as we know!,


TomTom said...

Mary Riddell is a Guardian dimmie. The 1950s were simply peculiar because of The Cold War......there was no prospect of Labour getting power until women got the vote in 1918

The electoral system has little to do with it because it is the geography of elections which has changed dramatically. Thatcher could win Northern seats.....

James Higham said...

Oh the puns!