Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Colonisation not Immigration

GoodnightVienna, Calling England, from whom I got the title for this post, writes on David Cameron's admission that cutting immigration numbers to 'tens of thousands rather than hundreds of thousands' is but an aim of his and not Coalition policy.

To have made an important speech, as Cameron did on 14th of this month, without thinking that it would not be jumped on by the likes of Cable and Clegg demonstrates the stupidity of the man. Not only has it been jumped on by the two aforementioned, but Russia Today lost no time in interviewing Nigel Farage on the matter:

As Farage states in the above video - and as we all know - Cameron can only decrease the number of immigrants from outside the European Union.  Even the BBC gave Farage airtime to rebut Cameron:

Because it would appear that even government statistics cannot be trusted, it is not illogical to say that it matters not whether the number of immigrants is 1,000 or 100,000, we should have the right to decide who enters this country. Of course the problem is compounded by the fact that those immigrants who commit crimes against society invariably cannot be deported due to an infringement of their human rights. Bearing in mind also, picking up on Farage's point, benefit rules change on 1st May which will inevitably mean immigrations numbers will increase from within the European Union.

GoodnightVienna writes:
"Officially, there are already 62m+ people living in the UK excluding illegals who've disappeared into the black economy. Rough estimates indicate that within twenty years the population will be over the 70m mark. Within 40/50 years the English, who have been most affected by immigration, will be a minority in England. This isn't immigration; it's colonisation and it's been deliberate government policy."
This is colonisation of our country, a deliberate policy of the European Union - on the divide and rule theory - in order to fulfill their desire to erase the idea of nationhood and nation states. It is the most despicable example of social-engineering and is on a par with the policy adopted by Hitler who attempted to reach the same ends only by a quicker, different method!

And to think that Cameron and the majority of our political elite condone this..................


TomTom said...

Cameron and Miliband both mention immigration in passing to voters on their way to the polling booth. Democracy has reached End-Game and is especially funny in the case of Miliband whose father was Belgian, Marxist, and given every assistance by Harold Laski and whose brother got an ILEA Scholarship to mErton College Oxford (in its Outreach to Inner London Comps Project) because chairing the Committee was one Ralph Miliband.

Chosen clones of The City shell-game to harvest votes from mindless drones to gain power and rule for the money men. It is surreal, but so is getting Cameron to continue the Blair Project derailed by Gordon Brown and then have Hutton, Reid, Milburn and Lord Browne switch sides.....not forgetting Ron cOhen of course

WitteringsfromWitney said...

As ever TT, not a lot one can add to your comment.

Anonymous said...

Just like the annexation of the Sudetenland but without the tanks and stormtroopers.

john in cheshire said...

And I suggest that they are colonising England first, this time, because if they can succeed here, it will be easy in the rest of Europe. And of course we are hated by just about everyone, despite saving their asses so often in the past. But in my opinion, Europe is predisposed to socialism, whereas we have tended to be more grown-up in our politics, in the past.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

HC: Agreed

jic: Damn good comment, Sir!