Thursday, 7 April 2011

Fair debate?

Richard North, EU Referendum, briefly posts on a debate which took place recently in the House of Lords and highlights a comment from Neil Kinnock, one that as Richard states is most un-parliamentary. The full Hansard transcript can be read here with further comment on this debate from Open Europe's blog here.

What is despicable and not mentioned by either Richard North nor Open Europe, is the fact that whilst other Peers were heard in relative silence with maybe the odd interruption, Malcolm Pearson suffered his usual reception of being continually and rudely interrupted.

Unfortunately for him Malcolm Pearson is too much of an English gentleman to point out a blatant truth; however, conversely and fortunately for him I am not, so allow me to point out that when someone is elevated into a social class which is totally alien to them, when they have no idea of etiquette nor basic manners, then invariably trouble of one sort or another ensues.

Whilst it hardly likely Malcolm Pearson would dream of bestowing on Kinnock a 'Glasgow Kiss', I am extremely surprised he did not bestow the verbal equivalent!

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