Monday, 25 April 2011

Politics is not corrupt?

Back in February this year I posted on the Electoral Reform Society and Electoral Reform Services Limited, querying the conflict of interest of the latter. Today on Coffee House (The Spectator Blog) ED Howker posts once again on this matter of conflict of interest. Dealing specifically with Chris Huhne's outburst in which he virtually threatened court action against Cameron and Osborne for spreading 'wicked falsehoods', Howker provides a copy of a document in his possession:

Howker raises an extremely serious question in his post, namely: "...if the Alternative Vote system will not cost more to administer than FPTP, why do the people who make money from managing our elections claim it represents an “increased business opportunity” from which they may profit?". If that is not a conflict of interest, then exactly what is it?

A further article has just been published by Howker that shows Huhne's partner, Carina Trimingham, is a director of Yes! and the Electoral Reform Society and that the same printing presses used for the production of ballot papers must also have been used for the production of 'YES' literature - yet more examples of the conflict of interest that is involved in this matter of the AV referendum.

It is also logical to question whether any electoral impropriety has been practised by politicians such as Huhne and Clegg in their reliance on Electoral Reform Services Limited for the latter's help - both in the provision of financial assistance and production of leaflets - in their campaign to secure a 'YES' vote. It also begs the question: if politicians have to account for every penny spent by and on their behalf during a local or national election; should they not also have to make public and account for every penny spent on their behalf during a local or national referendum?

It is becoming clearer by the day that not only are our politicians corrupt in that they do not tell us the truth, but also that they are corrupt when it affects - or possibly may affect - their hold on power. To say that they and their methods are beginning to smell would, I believe, be the understatement of the year!

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