Saturday, 16 April 2011

Saturday Thoughts

 What is happening to our society?

The more days that pass, the more I wonder just what exactly our social engineers wish to accomplish, if not total control of us, the people. For some time I have believed that to create what some refer to as a "New World Order", a society in which all people act and behave as one, it is necessary that the obvious starting point be with the education of the young.

Why else would we be showing films about euthanasia to young children and developing "puberty blockers" for children as young as 12 who are "confused about their sexuality"?

Just who are the more deserving candidates for the mad house? The politicians, bureaucrats and "fake charities", etc, that allow/suggest the introduction of ideas such as those above; or we, the people, for condoning the present state of affairs to exist?

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