Monday, 18 April 2011

The more Cameron opens his mouth.........

James Kirkup has an article in todays Daily Telegraph in which he writes:
"Adopting the Alternative Vote system would do "permanent damage to British democracy," says David Cameron."
"The biggest danger right now is that Britain sleepwalks into this second-rate system"
For heaven's sake! What about the permanent damage to our democracy that Cameron's insistence of remaining a member of the European Union has done? As an aside - not that I am in favour of AV -  what pray is wrong with a second-rate voting system when we have second-rate politicians?

In yesterday's Sunday Telegraph Janet Daley had what might be termed a coruscating article on the Conservative Party, making the point - amongst others - that:
"There is no longer a clear sense of basic common purpose – of fundamental driving principle – at the heart of Conservatism. Who the party speaks for, and what it stands for, is a matter of confusion and contradiction."
By abandoning the belief that, as Janet Daley says, the Conservative Party stood for Queen and Country; free-market economics and self-improvement; that it represented the striving, sometimes vulgar but always determined and hard-working upwardly mobile classes, Cameron has managed to take a giant leap backwards.

Why has Cameron done this? By trying to "do a Blair" and appeal to all people on all matters; by trying to mix two opposite factors which envariably results in a 'damp squib', resulting in his foregoing his principles simply to enter Number 10.

As a Conservative and a politician, the man is a fake and a coward; illustrated by the speed with which he ran away from a debate offered to him by UKIP Witney, on the benefits (or not) of membership of the European Union., obviously fearing a face-to-face public meeting with Nigel Farage.

Afterthought: Daley also makes the good point that with an election due in a matter of weeks, all of a sudden the politicians are on bended knee to us and begging for our votes. It is about time they got on bended knee every time they wished to do something in our name!


Woodsy42 said...

"Adopting the Alternative Vote system would do "permanent damage to British democracy,"

Better to break it completely than have it limping along in its current state.

Stuart said...

I have just heard David Cameron quoting an American phrase of “being able to throw the rascals out” while campaigning against AV. What about the European Union Commission? They have exclusive competence for initiating EU law, which is supreme within its boundaries to that of our British government. They are in effect a government much the same as David Cameron and his cabinet are. Like all politicians, David Cameron is selective with his logic and arguments, and mostly inconsistent. Many Britons would like to throw the rascals of the EU Commission out, and if that is not possible without withdraw from the EU, then so be it. That is called accountability. Maybe we could apply the argument to the European Court of Human Rights also?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

W42: Agreed!

S: Agreed also.

Voyager said...

David Cameron has done for Conservatism what rowan Williams and his ilke have done for Anglicanism

Trahison des Clercs

WitteringsfromWitney said...

V: Cameron has done more damage...? Other than that, agreed.