Sunday, 24 April 2011

Councils up the 'elderly-anti'

The Daily Telegraph reports that councils are planning a sharp rise in care home fees to counter Government cuts and a rapidly aging population.

Emily Thornberry, Labour MP and Shadow Health and Social Care Minister, needs to decide her priorities, especially as she voted in favour of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 (admittedly having reservations), which allows the Coalition to lob missiles at Libya costing approximately £500,000 a pop - money that could have been given to councils to avoid the problems caused by cuts, or used to offset the cost of increased state benefits that the majority of those in council-run care homes and housing association dwellings will receive as a result of the increased charges. Neither does Graeme Paton and Holly Watt, the Telegraph 'journalists', nor Emily Thornberry, mention the 'wasted' money that could be saved by a cull of 'non-jobs' within councils.

Back to the drawing board Graeme, Holly and Emily, methinks?


john in cheshire said...

Or just stop handing our cash over to the anti-democratic EU. +£48million per day should help a few of our aging population, I would have thought.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: There is of course that most obvious alternative.......