Saturday, 16 April 2011

Cameron "Expresses" his thoughts on democracy

There is an article in today's Express, one entitled "Keep control of your democracy", an article so asinine in content that it could only have been written by David Cameron.
"That’s why there’s so much more at stake in next month’s referendum than just how we vote at elections. At stake is how our democracy works – the power you have over politicians and your control over who wins and who loses."
The power, Mr. Cameron, we have over politicians (of which you are a shining example - not) is non-existent because politicians still retain the powers that they have, over time, usurped from the electorate, consequently it matters not to the electorate who wins or who loses as all politicians are, presently, liars, cheats, venal - and therefore cannot be trusted. Oh and by the way, Mr. Cameron, our democracy is not working due to the centralised power, lying, cheating and venality of you and your political colleagues - although once we have dealt with you all, it will do!

Cameron cites two reasons for hating politics today; politicians who don't stick to manifesto promises; and politicians who don't speak their minds - stating that AV will cause even more of the same. This is a tad rich coming from someone who has had more 'U' turns over the past few months than someone using 'sat-nav' on a short trip to the shops; and who has misled Parliament over matters EU. He complains about politicians trying to please all of the people, all of the time; and politicians wasting public money - and one has to ask whats new, especially where he is concerned: EU, Big Society, Happiness Index?

He suggests the cost of a change to AV will involve £millions that our country does not have; that we are in danger of sleepwalking into a disastrous change; that people won't bother to vote as everything stays the same - all of which are true. Therefore perhaps Mr. Cameron can answer why we are spending £billions that we don't have, lobbing missiles and bombs on Libya; why he condones the continued venal ways of his fellow MPs; why he is content for us to sleepwalk into handing over our right to self-governance; why he is content for £millions to be spent on a referendum that no-one wants, least of all him; and why he is also content to continue letting things stay the same, on the basis there seems little difference in Britain under Cameron compared to Britain under Brown - both proving as incompetent as each other.

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