Tuesday, 19 April 2011

One MEP who should be 'Duff(ed)' up!

Mary Ellen Synon posts in the antics of one Andrew Duff, Liberal Democrat MEP, regarding his remarks made while attenting the constitutional affairs committee of the European Parliament.
"My sans-culottes informer inside the committee room reports to me that Duff used the phrase 'the country I know best' when he meant 'Britain.' Those of you who follow this blog will know that 'the country I know best' is the phrase eurocrats are trained to use whenever they find they are forced to refer to their own country.

The idea is that Europe must ultimately erase national borders and national distinctions -- and, hell yes, nations. By obliterating mention of what are no longer sovereign states the European Project moves that much closer to its goal.
"There they were discussing Hungary's own new constitution, and my sans-culottes tells me Duff started praising a clause in the constitution banning the use of referenda for European treaties. Duff thinks this is a good thing: stop the people having a vote on ever-closer-union."
That Andrew Duff is a federalist is not news, neither is it that he has designs on climbing the greasy pole of EU power and within that ambition does a lot of licking. With the amicable weather we are experiencing most people are enjoying ice-creams and lollipops - although in Duff's case I am sure readers will realise I am not referring to those when writing about his act of licking, but I digress. 

Duff's aims, along with that of all Europhiles, should be sufficient to ensure that, as Mary Ellen Synon writes, one day the revolution will happen and that Andrew Duff's name will be right there, recorded -- as justice demands, although we don't need the 'tricot'. His name is imprinted in our minds, thus ensuring he will be amongst the first to be introduced to a lamp post!

H/T: Sue (Muffled Vociferation) on Twitter. 

Update: Obviously two minds working at the same time on the same subject (Richard North on EU Referendum)

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