Saturday, 16 April 2011

The will of the people

The front page story in the Daily Telegraph today is (print edition) "No bar to throne for Kate's first born girl" - although slightly changed for the on-line edition.

This article explains that, following a discussion of the Privy Council, the Queen has signalled her assent to scrapping the principle of male primogeniture - if the change proves to be the will of the people.

The will of the people can only be expressed by means of a referendum - although I wait to see how our political masters will wriggle out of that. No doubt they will attempt to have this decided by means of a 'free vote' by MPs, on the basis that MPs represent the people. That argument will not, I'm afraid, 'hold water' (as against 'breaking-water' - *ahem* and apologies) as if that were the case this country would not still be a member of the European Union; the death penalty would have been restored; and MPs would no longer be there, having resigned en-masse in recognition of their misappropiation of public funds.

One to watch, methinks?


Anonymous said...

Such a decision cannot be made by Parliament alone; it requires the consent of every member of the Commonwealth, a total of 19 countries (including us).

WitteringsfromWitney said...

A: Acknowledge your point. However as the 'mother' country, the people should have their say.