Sunday, 17 April 2011

What if......

I tend to try and avoid "what if....." scenario posts where possible, although it is not always possible unfortunately. Having said that, an interesting "what if" appears on Total Politics, by Sadie Smith, with two possible scenarios proffered on the outcome of a 'YES' or 'NO' vote on AV. Either scenario Sadie Smith posits will present a headache for David Cameron - and it is a headache of his own making, one caused by his willingness to do a deal with Nick Clegg, in order that both might sate their fervent desires to enter Number 10.

It is doubly sad for Cameron as - and I apologise for being boringly repetitious - what method of electoral system should be selected, instead of FPTP, is not one for the political elite to take but one for the electorate, something which suggests a deficit in the decision-making capabilities of Cameron, if he truly believes in saving our democracy.

Continuing the "What if" scenario, another interesting post on Total Politics, by Jerry Hayes, ponders the question whether there may be calls for a change of leadership by both Conservative and Liberal Democrat Parties. Yes, there may well be calls from a few MPs and party supporters for such moves, following the peerceived 'trouncing' they are likely to receive come May 5th, but these will be easily 'seen off' as it is far too early in the political cycle for them to have any resonance amongst party officials and workers.

That political commentators can waste time and wordage writing such material, coupled with opinion pollsters making much of the Labour lead in their findings shows that both commentators and the electorate can be easily led and will write and vote for whatever seems more attractive - but hey, commentators have to make a living in these 'hard' times.

It is also maintained by politicians, journalists and commentators that the electorate is disinterested in politics and they all wax lyrical about how to change this sad state of affairs. Yet how can this be accomplished when politicians lie, the media is dependant on the political class for their income and pollsters are allowed to 'fan the flames' with inconsequential and meaningless poll results?

Is it any wonder the electorate are unaware of that which is being done on their behalf and in their name? Is it any wonder that we are led to believe the electorate are prepared to welcome back, with open arms, a party that a year ago they would willingly have suspended from the nearest lamp post? Is it any wonder that politicians who just months before had been vilified for their excesses with public money were then subsequently re-elected?

The entire world of politics - be that politicians, journalists, commentators, supportive party political websites - is just one total spin operation, necessitated as they are all inter-dependant. If anyone of those involved in the world of politics had any sense of decency, principle and honour, they would bust open the entire sorry charade!

A thought for Sunday...............

Update: Returning to the point about the electorate being 'unaware' of events due to the lack of information fed them by politicians and the media, Richard North posts on the latest example of 'misinformtion' that has been fed to the British public. The British public is being lied to at every stage and both politicians and the media should hang their heads in shame!

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