Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Ken Clarke "warns" European judges

So reports Rosa Prince writing in the Daily Telegraph. A Europhile Conservative MP, who thinks the EU is the greatest thing since sliced bread, warns the European judges?

Rosa Prince quotes Clarke having said:
"A country in which the government never loses a court case is not one in which most of us would wish to live."
It is a great pity that Clarke does not also accept that a country in which the government of the day is impotent; a country in which the elected politicians act as though they were indeed Lord God Almighty; a country in which its peoples are subjected to more and more control of their every thought, word and deed; a country in which its society has been changed out of all recognition by social-engineering, carried out by its elected representatives; a country in which the Leaders of the three major political parties act as dictators; a country whose 'rigged' electoral system produces idiots of which Clarke is a prime example, is also a country in which none of us wish to live!

Just saying.......................


Sue said...

They make me sick. He "warns" and Cameron is "sickened". What a sorry excuse for human beings they are.

James Higham said...

Did he get an invite to the wedding?

Anonymous said...

Would that be the same Ken Clarke who has issued that instructions that Summons for Jury service be in 12 languages so that non English speakers can sit on juries!! The man is a complete Twat.