Monday, 25 April 2011

Motivation and Happiness

"Happily wasting your money
The next time that Tory Cabinet ministers attack Labour councils for wasting money they should perhaps look closer to home. For example, Cotswold District Council, a Tory stronghold, has spent £19,000 on a magician to give motivational talks to staff who face losing their jobs as part of £1.4 million worth of spending cuts. The authority’s chief executive, David Neudegg, also runs neighbouring West Oxfordshire district council, which spent £30,000 on a happiness course.
Is the reason there hasn’t been a squeak of complaint from the local Tory MP that he is none other than David Cameron, who has pioneered his own and even more risible National Happiness Index?"

In attempting to check the West Oxfordshire District Council website - and it is possible that I did miss the item when 'trawling' the website -  using their search facility, needless to say this was the result. The same result was achieved at Cotswold District Council and utilising their search facility.

Isn't transparency a wonderful policy?

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