Thursday, 14 April 2011

Yet another EU 'Department'?

Courtesy of The Albion Alliance Presents comes news of another EU 'Department' with the idea that there should be created 'integrated maritime surveillance' (click on appropriate language - document opens in Word).

This is for the aim of "understanding of all activities carried out at sea that could impact the security, safety, economy, or environment of the European Union (EU) and its Member States"; "the introduction of control mechanisms from/to all participating organisations will improve the situational awareness in the maritime domain" and "the surveillance communication is a positive contribution to the increased security problems faced by the EU including illegal immigration, trafficking, drug selling as well as efficient and effective protection of the environment and of the life and wealth of EU citizens." It should also be noted that amongst the recommendations (and aspirations) are: "Therefore, the expandability of the IMS system must also be considered."- no doubt, for future use, like a maritime "Iron Curtain"?

If ever a contradiction was illustrated, it must be this:
"2.6 The goal of the proposed IMS policy is not to create an additional surveillance system, but to set up interfaces and subsequently integrate existing systems across sectors and borders, in order to improve the effectiveness of national authorities in charge of implementing surveillance actions and increase the cost-efficiency of actions carried out at sea."
which begs the question that if the intention is to improve the effectiveness of national authorities in charge of implementing surveillancwe actions, how can one do that without creating an additional surveillance system at the EU level?

It is not illogical to assume that the setting up of an integrated maritime surveillance system will incur a cost, something which is not mentioned. It is also not illogical to assume that it also means the creation of an EU Coastguard and EU Navy - the creation of both which has been denied by our own politicians. If not already 'accounted for', then this will mean yet another increase in the EU budget and therefore an increase in this country's contributions. And 'land-locked' countries will suddenly acquire a Coastguard and Navy and willingly pay for them?

As far as the UK is concerned, we are quite capable of protecting our own waters, environment, people and country without having to pay for protecting those of France, Germany and the other member states - so can we just get the hell out of the EU, please?

Failing which, perhaps when we get a governmentof politicians with 'cajones' we could just "do a Rhodesia"? (for those unaware of what "do a Rhodesia" means - go learn your history!)

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