Thursday, 14 April 2011

That is not fair..........

The Anger of a Quiet Man posts on Vince Cable's 'outburst' of David Cameron's speech on immigration and in so doing makes comments about the present situation in respect of immigration with which I am in total agreement.

As I have commented, I do take issue with Quiet Man in his singling out Vince Cable and have asked which of the LibDems deserves their place in the Cabinet. Clegg? Huhne? Simultaneously, I have also queried which Conservative politician likewise deserves his place in the Cabinet, because if there is one, then they have 'sold' their principles and beliefs - where any definition of being a 'Conservative' is considered - for monetary gain and position of power.

Presently, in the political spectrum, we have the ridiculous situation in which each of the Lib/Lab/Con have deserted the principles on which they were created in their lust for power, each becoming more authoritarian in the process - actually that may be unfair to the LibDems as it seems they are still in the process of seaching for a belief, let alone a core belief.

Over the last few decades we have accepted the situation whereby the political elite continually inform us how we are to live our lives, to even more draconian effect, whilst forgetting it is not their life - but ours. Is it not our right to recognise the opportunities life presents to us and make our decisions, for good or bad, accordingly? Any interference in that is but political social engineering for their own aims.

Musing aloud: who invented politics and politicians? I only ask as it seems both only cause problems for people, people who basically, just want to be left alone to live their life.

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