Sunday, 6 March 2011

England - that once proud and pleasant land

Readers from Scotland and Wales will forgive me for referring just to England but it would appear the subject on which I post took place there.

Christopher Booker writes in the Sunday Telegraph yet another harrowing tale of child abduction by the state. (At least we have one journalist who believes in investigative journalism and not "cut 'n paste" journalism!) That such cases happen in this country and continue so to do must be the greatest scandal in our history. How can it be right that witnesses for the state cannot be questioned? What is even more despicable is that this forced abduction of children by the state does not appear to even appear on the radar of our politicians. It is beyond belief that not one MP has read, or heard about these cases and not made it their business to check whether events such as this are happening in their own constituencies?

One can only suppose that because this has no bearing on their salary, expenses or perks they cannot be bothered to stir themselves!


TomTom said...

Having savoured the joys of an English Courtroom I had the sepia images of Roland Freisler of the Volksgerichtshof seemingly coming to life before my eyes.

There is so much in Modern Britain that makes one wonder why so many lives were lost over 6 years to simply delay the inevitable collapse into the failed 20th Century BureaucraticState that is the dominant form in the WEst

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: Can't fault your logic.