Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Yet more EU-Creep

Two reports from EurActiv and EUobserver should ring alarm bells, the second reporting:
"Europe must invest €1.5 trillion in transport infrastructure over the next two decades and a further €1 trillion in vehicles and equipment, the European Commission is set to say."
The EUobserver report continues that the EU Commission white paper states transport charges and taxes must be restructured in the direction of wider application of the 'polluter-pays' and 'user-pays' principle;  and that an annex to the white paper provides an action list for governments in this area. "Revise motor fuel taxation with clear identification of the energy and CO2 component," and "Phase in a mandatory infrastructure charge for heavy-duty vehicles," are among the proposals, to be implemented before 2016. Another includes an extra charge when purchasing road vehicles, factoring in the "social costs of congestion, CO2 - if not included in fuel tax - local pollution, noise and accidents.

EurActiv continues the green transport theme with:
"The Commission is therefore proposing an ambitious plan which eyes significant reductions of emissions especially in road transport, while it intends to increase rail traffic, on the grounds that is by far cleaner and more environment-friendly. The Commission plan targets mainly urban and road freight transport. The objective of car-free cities by mid-century is to be pursued through fiscal measures, promotion of alternative transport systems, and building of the necessary infrastructure to move to a widespread use of electric and clean cars." (my emphasis)
 Just how the hell does one "factor in social costs of congestion, noise and accidents" into the charge of any item? Digressing, one wonders what the extra charge should be were it to be levied on politicians of whom there are far too many thus causing congestion; who make an awful lot of noise to no effect; and who are, in most cases, accidents of birth.

Yet another worrying report comes from England Expects who writes on a a one day public hearing on the subject of The Future of EU Intelligence & Internal Security, in particular the views of Ferenc Banfi, the boss of the European Police College, located at Bramshill, Hampshire, who trained and served as a Communist era policemen, who has an extremely bizarre website, and is committed to the creation of an EU FBI, seem to be pointing a different direction. 

As Gawain Towler points out the phrase "symbolic authorities of national sovereignty" is rather 'chilling', is it not? Not surprising though when it is already apparent that Westminster has virtually become a symbolic seat of government where this country is concerned.

The Albion Alliance Presents reports on the fact that the European Parliament's Science and Technology Options Assessment board (STOA) held a hearing on on the pros and cons of e-voting on 17 March; in which it considering the falling participation rate in EP elections, efforts to increase it and get Europeans involved in European policy being considered crucial . One way forward the hearing suggested may be e-voting, especially among young voters who can do it between watching YouTube videos and checking Facebook.

If anything further demonstrates the dire depths to which politics has sunk it must be the belief that it is something one can do at the press of a button in between watching youtube and checking Facebook. On top of that is the thought that if the authorities can intercept telephone calls, monitor emails and our activities on the internet, it is but an easy step to 'monitor' 'intercept' votes in order to get the desired result.

As far as I am concerned - and I believe I speak for many - I believe it is time to say to Brussels: We're off, byeeee!


Bill said...

I've never taken any notice of EU rules and regulations mainly because I've managed to create a lifestyle where they have little impact on me.

It is surprising how little money is actually required to live a bloody great life upon these islands even with the kids in London playing silly buggers. Obviously there must be some EU rule I am afflicted with such as the carbon scam loading on the leccy for example.

I never voted to join the EEC, I wasn't old enough. I cannot vote to leave the European Union because I never joined it and also because I am no longer on the electoral roll, huzzah!
I am simply disappearing because as sure as eggs is eggs unless a modern day Guy Fawkes or the Gadfly manages to demolish a packed house then the people upon these Isles are screwed.

There is of course the easy way which is for enough of the mass, around 2 million souls, to stop paying their taxes all at once and the whole scam that is dictatorial democracy Westminster Style, will collapse overnight but coordinating such an action is the Achilles heel such a simple plan.

If the Gadfly really did bring down a 747 over Lockerbie I'm sure dropping something similar on tiny part of London shouldn't be too much of a problem for him should it?

I'd have mentioned Alky Ada but I am convinced they are a Crims In Actions psyops team. The Gadfly may be the real deal.

Anonymous said...

Bill is right about the tax. It is potentially the Achiles heel of our foolish "government" and their EU masters. But how to organise such a revolt for those on PAYE is difficult to achieve.

As for the EU masters being concerned about the numbers of folk actually bothering to vote, this is just a smokescreen. The EU is now structured so that democracy is irrelevant. The Parliament has no worthwhile power and the view of the people is gleaned through the prism of the EU funded lobby group, lobbying the Commission for what the Commission wanted in the first place.

They only pretend to be interested in democracy as a deception.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

B: You make a reasonable point but see Anon's comment re non-payment of tax.

A: You too make a reasonable point about the EU and democracy, but rest assured what I suggest would not be beyond their means or will, even if jsut to put a further gloss on the democracy bit!

Adam R. said...

Here's the site in question

Some people should not be allowed to make such websites. What a joke.