Saturday, 19 March 2011

Health Tourism - Deja vu?

So 'health tourism' is once again in the news, evidenced by this article in the Mail and this in the Sun, both of which report on Damian Green instigating a 'crack-down' on 'health tourists'.

Of course, the Mail does inform us, as an afterthought, with the last paragraph in their article, that:
".....there will be no changes to the rules that allow EU citizens to benefit from free care on the Health Service."
Also, we have heard all this before , wayback in 2004, have we not?

It is appreciated that all politicians love to be seen 'doing their job' and in so doing showing the public how they are looking out for British interests, but:

C'mon Damian, we are not all as 'green' as you!

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