Saturday, 5 March 2011

Which political group gets two candidates for whom to vote?

Not yet on-line at the time of posting is this letter in today's Daily Telegraph:
"Sir It is disappointing that the Liberal Democrats abandoned the tradition of putting on a brave face after an election disaster, and have simply confessed that at Barnsley Central they got a "kicking" (report, March 4)

There are a few encouraging points that could have been made:
1. The Lib Dems polled almost twice as many votes as the English Democrats.
2. The Lib Dems were only 198 votes short of keeping their deposit.
3. Coincidentally, the Loony candidate polled exactly 198 votes, so if all the Loonies had voted Lib Dem......

Richard Jenkins
Long Compton, Warwickshire"

But RJ, all the Loonies did vote Lib Dem.

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