Monday, 7 March 2011

The problem with our politics

Gawain Towler posts on what can only be described as the duplicity of our political system and, in particular, that of the Coalition.

It would seem that the Coalition are, at home, presenting themselves as being 'eurosceptic' - whilst in Brussels they are most definitely presenting themselves as being 'europhile'.

Hardly what might be considered the behaviour of honourable, principled and trustworthy men and women?

However, it does bring a new meaning to the phrase "being duff(ed) up"!


Sue said...

The only people that call our politicians honourable are they themselves.

I'm sure nobody is in any doubt that politics lost its honour decades ago.

TomTom said...

Politicians are like Barristers - the only persons in the Court NOT to swear an oath to tell the truth.

Parliament is so like a Courtroom with the Judge ie. Speaker sitting between the opposing benches.

No other system is so closely modelled on a court, yet all legislatures are full of lawyers - the only group whose career prospects are enhanced in politics. They are also Honourable and Learned but Duplicitous to the Core

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Sue: Agreed.

TT: Very insightful and true.

Woodsy42 said...

That's why iDave was caught out recently on that Al Jazeera interview. No doubt he thought nobody in the UK would see it.