Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Democratised Dictatorship #??

Apologies dear readers for the question marks in the above heading - perhaps I suffer from the 'Cameron Complaint', you know, 'banging on' about one particular subject - but in regard to how many times I have posted on this I do have age as an excuse for not being able to remember the exact number of posts!

For first time readers the term "democratised dicatatorship' refers to decisions taken by our politicians without the agreement of the people that they are supposed to serve and represent - meaning that any decisions taken should be with the agreement of the people of this nation.

As an example one only need consult the document that resulted from the agreement of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties when they formed "The Coalition" and issued their "manifesto" - one which had not been agreed by the electorate and in which they, amongst other matters, 'decided' that Parliament would be of a 'fixed term'. It now would appear that the Welsh Assembly have jumped on the band-wagon in deciding to extend their mandate for a further year, a decision based on the advice of someone who is no more than "the tail of the dog" - or should that be "the hair of the dog"?

Is it not time that we, the people, reminded all politicians the venal, self-serving cabal - be they national, regional or local - exactly who is "the boss" of this nation?

Just asking......................

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