Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Democratised Dictatorship - #?? - +1

Courtesy of The Albion Alliance Presents comes notice of this, which on first sight and seeing the words "public hearing" would lead one to believe that: hey, we get a voice - which as with all matters EU, we then find that we don't. By clicking on the "en" option we find, as usual, the participants are all members of the 'project' - in other words, all the participants will be 'talking amongst themselves'.

Constrast the foregoing with what happens in this country when looking at 'government consultations' and you would be hard-pressed to find one iota of difference. Oh sure, government departments (Ministries) publish notices on their websites announcing such consultations and ask for submissions; and the media advise that consultations will be held. But exactly how many of the population read government websites; know from the media how to submit their views/suggestions; are even aware that their views/opinions can make a difference - or even more important, can even be bothered to submit their views/suggestions, having been brainwashed by the continual message from polticians that only they, the politicians, know what is best for the country? In this country, as with the EU, any consultation is with local authorities, 'fake charities and other pressure groups (ie, 'stakeholders') - the last thing that government, or their 'stakeholders', want is for the public to become involved.

There is indeed "something drastically wrong with this country, isn't there".*

Are we not living in a democracy - a form of society where we, the people, should decide the 'rules' by which we should live?

Just another thought...........

* A quotation from the film "V for Vendetta!


James Higham said...

What happens when you click on the De option?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

JH: Knowing that I can, at times, be as thick as a politician - and being a tad elderly, hence the brain is not that too quick - in answer to your question you get the document in German.

Your point is?