Thursday, 3 March 2011

Nicholas William Peter Clegg

Or as he is more affectionately known on this blog: Nicklearse.

Anyway, apparently he has been speaking in Luton on the subject of multiculturalism and is reported as having said that he "embraced multiculturalism as a way of welcoming diversity and resisting division” in society." and that he "defined multiculturalism as “a process by which people respect and communicate with each other, rather than build walls between each other". 

What Clegg needs to appreciate is that generally the British people may welcome diversity - what they do not welcome - and will not accept - is the 'division' that certain religions and races bring with them by their demands for special treatment; treatment which politicians seem in indecent haste to grant.

If Clegg wishes to discuss multiculturalism, then let us do just that! Setting to one side the question of religion and race, let us consider the divide that exists between the culture of our political elite and the electorate. At the moment neither side in this particular divide has any respect for each other due to the political elite building walls that separate them from those they are supposed to serve.

Clegg may well believe that it is not possible to win a fight if you don't stay in the ring - let us see that belief when the hempen 'ring' is placed around his neck!

Update: For those that can be bothered, text of his speech can be read here.

Just saying.....................!


john in cheshire said...

The more I see, hear and read about Mr Clegg, the more convinced that he is truly a stupid man.
But he is in good company with just about every other MP. What is intolerable, though is that these people (Cameron, Hague, Cable spring to mind) have been entrusted with our power. Condem now, Labour for the past 13 dreadful years.
Vote UKIP or any other party but for goodness' sake I hope people will get out of the habit of voting for any of the 3 main parties.

Tufty said...

These people have never done anything but talk and scheme. It isn't enough.

Woodsy42 said...

I don't think he understands multiculturalism.
But then it is quite a long word.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: agreed!

t: agreed, unfortunately!

W42: but then he does lack a brain......?

Voyager said...

Clegg is typical of that isolated class of rich and ignorant that has led this country to ruin for decades. He knows nothing says too much and does too little.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

V: Agreed!