Friday, 11 March 2011

On an ever spinning wheel.......

"Like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending or beginning,
On an ever spinning wheel

When viewing the world of politics, such as it is in this country, an individual may be forgiven for believing that they are indeed captured in an unreal world, or existence, over which they have no control.
"The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there? How did this happen - whose to blame? Whilst there are those responsible - and they will be held responsible - if you really wish to know, then might I suggest you look in a mirror? I know why you behave as you do - you are afraid, who wouldn't be? War, terrorism - you are told of a myriad of problems facing us and you turned to politicians who promised you peace - and all they demanded of you was your obedience, your consent."
(V for Vendetta)
On what, at first sight, might appear to be humorous - but is not, being deadly serious - take a look at this. The sad aspect is that the chap in a red shirt is the government, we are the dog - aka the people, trained to obey - being led and thus performing as it's master wishes!

A little recap: I posted recently that I had managed to secure a meeting with Grant Shapps and his officials, following a meeting with my constituency MP - someone who also has a state-provided home in Downing Street. At that initial meeting with my constituency MP I asked him to whom was I speaking, my constituency MP or my PM? His response was both and he continued that where any grievance about local policy which conflicted with national - policy then national policy must 'reign supreme'. By way of explanation, this initial meeting with my constituency MP was about this subject, one 'dear to my heart'.

What in effect Cameron's response means is that for any constituent who is unlucky enough to have as their constituency MP a Secretary of State; a Minister of State; Government Whip or a Parliamentary Private Secretary; they are, in effect, disenfranchised - a subject on which I have posted previously here. A further example of this "democratic deficit" comes via an email correspondent and reader of this blog who happens to live in the constituency of Chloe Smith - and who forward this copy of her "new monthly diary":

It is hoped that readers will forgive me, but being of limited IT capability I am unable to reproduce this any larger, however trust me when I quote from this MP's "monthly diary":
"I like to be my own woman. But sometimes people ask me about my actions as a Government MP (and indeed a government whip)and I'll tackle that head-on. I was elected with Conservative logos plastered all over my leaflets. Its hardly a secret. I'm not ashamed of being part of a party and a Coalition thats trying to achieve things for Britain. So, on the big issues, I will act with the Conservative Party because that is what the majority of people sent me to do. Of course, I am the MP for everyone in the area, not just those that voted for me, and the need to strike the right balance is why the job is not a walk in the park. I try to do the best for Norwich North and the country, in my own small way."
I repeat the question to Chloe Smith that I put to my constituency MP: How can an MP represent and speak for his/her constituents if he/she always has to support the government line? How can any such MP do what David Amess did for his constituent, Joanna Cranfield? Just who the hell is an MP supposed to act for - his/her constituent or their party?
Returning to the initial paragraph of this post, that after the initial quotation, we do have control over what is wrong and we can do something about this. When, in "V for Vendetta" the character "V" states they will be punished, he is not just referring to punishing them through the ballot box! They - and their kind,  with the beliefs they hold - need to be killed - be that metaphorically or physically!

Bearing in mind the manner in which our politicians continue to act; bearing in mind politicians still appear to believe they are the masters and not we, the people, there would seem to be only one resolution to our problems.

We, the people, will have to become the government - and heaven help anyone who stands in our way!


James Higham said...

How can an MP represent and speak for his/her constituents if he/she always has to support the government line?

The nub of the matter and one which gives the lie to this being a democracy.

Woodsy42 said...

Just who the hell is an MP supposed to act for - his/her constituent or their party?

Of course they are supposed to act fore their constituents, but quite obviously they do not.

Incidentally I wonder if the idea of a political party has any authority or standing whatsoever constitutionally?

subrosa said...

Woodsy, that's why so many of us bloggers aren't politicians. I couldn't toe the party line so decided to become an independent. :)

blingperson said...

If we're gonna get this revolution swinging, a good first step would be for everyone to stop paying their TV license

WitteringsfromWitney said...

JH & W42: And so many people just dont realise that point!

SR: ditto here which is why I have given up standing in locals.

bling: who said everyone pays? Mind you, very very rarely watch it!

microdave said...

The full size image is available, it's just that blogger only displays a reduced thumbnail view, Simply click on it (Or right click and open in a new window/tab) and then save it on your computer. You can then view it the same as any other image and enlarge as required. Firefox users can install the "Image Zoom" Add-On and then enlarge from within the browser window. I find this particularly handy for reducing pictures of senior ministers, which otherwise make me feel unwell...

Referring to the post, I fail to see why government whips should exist at all. If the party can't operate in a way that their MP's are happy with then what point is there in continuing? To hell with following "the party line" - as you quite rightly say, they are elected to represent the views of their constituents, NOT automatically agree with what the PM thinks is right...

WitteringsfromWitney said...

md: thanks for the IT lesson - seriously much appreciated.

MPs don't always agree with the party line but are 'coerced' into voting for the party - which does not say much about MP's sense of principle, virtue or backbone!