Monday, 21 March 2011

It surely is understandable?

Goodnight Vienna laments that a 'disinterest' possibly exists amongst the blogosphere and queries whether that which she writes is what people wish to know about. It is a complaint with which many of us like-minded bloggers are only too acquainted,  one which brings forth much frustration on our part. It is, perhaps, understandable when:

(a) As reported in the Mail, people have no real understanding for what the initials "AV" mean: "anti-viral"; "Aston Villa", "audio-visual" or even the button on the remote to switch from analogue to digital television. If Holly Maddison-Bees, a wine specialist with Waitrose and someone who presumably has a brain doesn't know, then heaven help any hope for interest in matters political.

(b) Ed Atkinson, letters Daily Telegraph, believes that David Cameron has acted with integrity; led the global effort against Gaddafi with openness towards his electorate; and that it has been done with no spin and honest leadership.

(c) When announcements like this are released whilst the attention of the public is force-focused by the media on Libya, one cannot but help think back to "Jo Moore and a good day to bury bad news".

(d) Not ten months after the Labour Party are removed from office we find that due to the unpopularity of the Coalition (understandable) the electorate would be quite content to see them back in office if opinion polls are to be believed. It beggars belief that Twitter on a Sunday night is full of opinion poll results and that those results are 'pored over' and written about by political pundits who should know better.

(e) An excellent article by IanPJ on Politics has to appear on a blog when it should have appeared in a national newspaper, having been written by someone who justifiably and proudly was able to call himself/herself a journalist.

As a nation we have allowed ourselves to be led like sheep; we have forgotten how to question those who have been shown to be purveyors of lies and half-truths; we have allowed those we elect to hand our country over, lock, stock and barrel, to a foreign totalitarian form of government; and we have subjected ourselves time and time again by political party after political party to being the victims of social engineering - all matters we are told that are for our own good.

It is understandable that Goodnight Vienna feels the way she does and she should take heart that she is not alone in her dilemma, one that encapsulates the feeling we bloggers are 'banging our heads against the proverbial brick wall'. 

However, one day soon - and hopefully it will be soon - the revolution will come. It won't be pretty and it will be doubly sad that it has to take place in what was once a civilised nation. The blame for this can only rest with those who harbour thoughts of being above their station and who are guilty of attempting to reverse the servant/master relationship.


Goodnight Vienna said...

Are you taking my name in vain again, Mr W? It was an interesting debate over at my place last night with a variety of opinions offered.

I'll see you on Saturday, 1pm Trafalgar Square.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

GV: Take your name in vain? Moi? Yes, you were the reason for my post, but only because I too was beginning to think like you and it served as an intro.......

All being well, as I said, a date!

James Higham said...

AV? Aston Vartin, of course.

andy5759 said...

It will be messy. I think I read somewhere in the blogosphere that plans are being drawn up that dissenting nations will be "policed" by personnel from other EU nations. So we may yet live to see (for example) German troops on british streets.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

JH: I shall ignore that!

A5759: Not in my bloody lifetime we won't! The Resistance is all prepared, promise you!