Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Libya & Democracy

Yesterday a debate took place in the House of Commons on United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 and the Hansard record of the debate can be read here, commencing at Column 700.

The hypocrisy and general tone of the debate takes one's breath away as will be seen if the entire Hansard Record of the debate is read. David Cameron in his opening remarks stated that the Libyans must choose their own future and about the need to cease attacks on civilians. Ed Miliband spoke about Colonel Gaddafi's threat to hundreds of thousands of people in Benghazi and elsewhere puts him in a particular category and that, in the face of democratic protest and the demand for change, it is simply not acceptable to turn to methods of repression and violence. Menzies Campbell mentioned the fact that deceit, deception and defiance have kept Gaddafi in power for many, many years.

In summation there were many speeches (well, in some cases words read from sheets of paper - where are our great speakers, those who can just rise to their feet and leave us spell-bound with their oratory?) praising Cameron for his leadership, speaking about the need to avoid suppression of the Libyan people and that they and they alone must decide their future.

To pick-up on the few points made above, if it is essential that the Libyan people must choose their own future then why can't we in the UK? If there is a need to cease military attacks on the population, why differentiate between military attacks and those of a democratic nature - where principle is concerned, are not both illegal in a democracy? If, in the demand of change it is not acceptable to turn to methods of repression, why are we not allowed a referendum on EU membership? Is not denial of that by one man, any different to any denial of due democratic process of which Gaddafi stands accused? Finally, what pray is the difference between the deceit, deception and defiance that has kept Gaddafi in power and those same actions that have kept our politicians in power?

One final question: when those great numbers of us in this country decide to protest and demonstrate for what is our right, will the rest of the world implement a no-fly zone over the UK and target those installations that may be used to supress our protests?

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microdave said...

They'll just arrange for another volcanic eruption - the dear old CAA will sort out the "No Fly Zone"....