Monday, 7 March 2011

A cry of self-preservation?

I refer to this from Renewable Energy Focus and Scottish Renewables, both of which at first sight look like 'Fake Charities'.

From the former:
"A funding call for wave and tidal power by RenewableUK has received widespread support from MPs and leading industry figures."
A number of points:

This looks very much like a plea for more taxpayer's money so that those working for these two organisations can remain employed. It also looks like yet another 'scam' whereby taxpayers end up paying even more on their energy bills. That MPs have lent widespread support leads one to question their logicality, especially as the present wind-power arguments appear to be falling apart. That leading energy figures have also leant their support only leads to the conclusion there are yet more 'mentalists (geddit?) wishing to 'cash in'!
We the people have only two requests: (a) that before you begin, you ensure the lights can 'stay on'; and (b) if it is such a good idea, how come you're not prepared to finance the project yourselves?



john in cheshire said...

WfW, both links go to the same site. Is that intentional? Otherwise, good point, let them put their own money where their green mouths are. And if it looks as though money is to be made, then perhaps people like me might be tempted to invest. Otherwise, I am sick to death of MPs and others using my money for their own vanity projects.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: Oops, sorry error corrected. They are of course two different links.

And yes, your point well made about self-funding!

banned said...

From the website of Renewable Energy Focus
Postal address
Elsevier Ltd
The Boulevard
Langford Lane
Oxford OX5 1GB

Elsevier are publishers of medical and scientific journals and texts, part of the Reed Corporation.

Why so shy Renewable Energy Focus?

Tufty said...

I don’t see anything wrong here. Our government has a proud history of picking winners - from British Leyland to Nimrod.