Monday, 14 March 2011

EU Military forces- negating a mounting threat.

Courtesy of The Albion Alliance Presents comes this piece of news from the European Union on "Maritime Surveillance". Reading the pdf (linked to) would seem to lead one to the logical conclusion that an EU Navy, Air Force and Army, coupled with an EU Coastguard is inevitable, plus that additional funding (an increase in EU contributions, tax, or whatever) will be required to implement the plans discussed in the pdf document.

IanPJ on Politics has written on reasons for what amounts to the dismantling of our navy here; and here you can source many excellent posts on other aspects of matters military. My own personal view to any idea of an EU Navy, Army or Air Force is encapsulated here.


13th Spitfire said...

Call me naive but I truly think that we will be well gone out of the EU by then, or have at least fundamentally altered our position within the leviathan.

UKIP will surely overtake the libdems come the election in 2015 if not earlier. If earlier any semblance of the libdems will be destroyed anyway. The country is growing more right-wing of that i have little doubt.

But what is more Cameron is starting to look profoundly stupid when he now, virtually every week, has to turn down a request for an EU Referendum. They cannot ignore the calls for ever. Moreover Labour are apparently considering offering an in/out referendum come next election which will force every other part to do the same.

James Higham said...

IanPJ on Politics has written

Not Applicable. :)

Not Applicable said...


You may call me anything you want. Not Applicable is my name for official purposes..

WitteringsfromWitney said...

13th: Not so sure myself, however I can but agree with paras 2 & 3 of your comment.

JH: sticks and stones.....but also miss your point, sorry.

Not Applicable: Darling?