Sunday, 6 March 2011

Cameron's Cardiff Speech

Just a few comments as it contained one hell of a lot of words, but as usual with Cameron, not a lot of content. After the plaudits for individual Welsh Conservatives, Cameron first spoke about responsibility:
"But let's be clear about why we're doing all this. We don't want to win for winning's sake, just to get our feet under some council table or some ministerial desk.
We want to win for a purpose - to bring about deep, positive and lasting change to the country we love. And that change is all about one thing: responsibility.
Our aim is to help build a more responsible society.  Responsibility is what this Party is all about. Yes, we believe in freedom.  The freedom to choose.  The freedom to make the most of your potential, to pursue your own dream and destiny."
This must be an classic example of 'foot in mouth'. If he loves his country, why is he content to leave our nation in a state of subservience to Brussels? If he believes in freedom and the freedom to choose, why is he behaving like a dictator and refusing to allow the people a choice on membership of the European Union? If he believes in a freedom to make the most of our potential, to pursue our own dream, why does he still control everything and everyone from the centre? If he believes that we are all in this together, how does he equate his lifestyle of taxpayer funded homes and all his other perks with the lifestyle and costs of the ordinary person? The only responsibility Cameron has, in general, is to do as he is told by Brussels.

In talking about the route map to recovery and debt, Cameron says that he will never push down the poor, yet this is exactly what he is doing by cutting central government grants and removing ring-fencing - a subject I have posted on previously. On the subject of debt, noticably Cameron said nothing about the possibility of that debt increasing by our having, until 2013, to participate in further bail-outs of euro-zone countries like Portugal and Spain.

Cameron is also being equally disengenious when he talk about a control shift and believing in devolution. Due to the EU's regionalisation policy, all Cameron is doing is implementing what the EU wants - the regions of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. He harps on yet again about broken politics, yet seems not to realise that what would fix the problem is a little honesty, transparency on the reason for policy decisions being made, honesty and principle - all of which are noticable by their absence within the Lib/LabCon.

Finally, it amazes me that Cameron whilst preaching about freedom, power to the people and, in effect, letting people fulfill their dreams whilst at the same time binding our country to the totalitarian state that is the EU, is unable to see that contradiction!

Richard North, EU Referendum, refers to Cameron as "slime" - Richard is being extremely kind, methinks. Personally I just wish Cameron would crawl back under the stone from whence he emerged!


john in cheshire said...

I wonder if Mr Cameron has been on a Common Purpose course. If so, it could explain a lot, including the lies.

Quiet_Man said...

The very fact he wont allow us a referendum on the EU is enough to condemn him in my eyes.
He can't change the EU from within, he knows it, we know it, but still he persists in the lie that somehow he will.
Just another reason not to vote Tory.

William said...

Why do we the people of Great Britain have to ask a slimy politician if he will 'allow' a referendum to take place?

I just don't get it.
Stefan Molyneux has a great video on the master slave relationship and by believing that we have to ask the politicians to hold the referendum for us we are all accepting slavery!

All it would take is for a newspaper or a political party like UKIP or even a kindly millionaire to fund and run a referendum of the people.
I realise it wouldn't affect anything in Westminster directly but it would send out a very clear message to the political class that their days are numbered.

I don't think that begging the tyrant(liblabcon) to change will ever have any effect. The LibLabCOn has to be utterly destroyed.

Sorry for ranting but I've had a day of uncovering story after story that all PROVE beyond any doubt that the political class has to be put to the sword.

I don't want to run away to another country. This is my home and I'm sick of bastards like Cameron dismantling it. So it's time he and his ilk was dismantled.