Sunday, 6 March 2011

The David Cameron Appreciation Society

All the usual members are out in force in the Sunday Telegraph - Matthew d'Ancona, Melissa Kite , Tim Montgomerie and Janet Daley.

First, d'Ancona: How this man qualifies to earn his no doubt considerable salary writing what can only be described as utter tripe is beyond my understanding. He writes about Cameron being a tribune of the people and the wish to appear " a national leader, full of passionate principle and impatience, rather than yet another institutionalised prime minister, gone native in Whitehall". Never mind about Whitehall, there is not one word that Cameron has gone native in Brussels!

Second, Melissa Kite: Obviously with a copy of Cameron's speech which he is due to deliver this afternoon, she quotes: "So I can announce today that we are taking on the enemies of enterprise. The bureaucrats in government departments who concoct those ridiculous rules and regulations that make life impossible for small firms. The town hall officials who take forever to make those planning decisions that can be make or break for a business". Not one word on how concoction of ridiculous rules and regulations occurs, who is responsible and why. Has she never heard of Common Purpose?

Third, Tim Montgomerie: Whilst he is not a journalist per se and does criticise Cameron on occasions, he is nevertheless one of the Appreciation Society - ready to 'spin' when and where necessary. Writing about Europe, Montgomerie notes that: "Downing Street counters that even if the Tories had won an outright majority, it would have been difficult to get other European governments to give powers back to Britain."; in which case why was this part of the Conservative manifesto at the last general election? I have to take issue too with Montgomerie's assertion that older people's benefits have been protected when they haven't. Central government grants have been reduced and the ring-fence removed and councils are most definitely 'cost-cutting' in order to remove benefit monies to other budgets.

Fourth, Janet Daley: Another journalist, guilty in my book, of vacuous writing. It must surely be obvious to anyone with a brain that governments always present themselves on the side of the people when in fact amongst their aims, once in office, is the coercion of the people by means of what I have for some time termed 'democratised dictatorship' - at the same time ensuring that their own interests are best served. Not one word that our elected governments no longer have the ability to govern and that they are subservient to Brussels.

John Redwood explains how the bureaucrats are gaining control of the wheels of government; Dizzy shows that Osborne is 'spinning' his tease of cancelling the 1p rise in fuel duty due - to which one can add the stupidity of development aid to countries that are, in effect, richer than us, whilst decimating our armed forces; the stupidity of cutting help to our aged and vulnerable members of our society, whilst being unable to stop having to pay benefits to immigrants that will cost £millions; the stupidity of having to follow an energy policy that is by the day being shown to be flawed in delivery and flawed economically.

People are naturally disgusted about the rape of women - it is about time that people became concerned about the rape of their country which is being practised by the EU, our politicians and bureaucrats!


microdave said...

I'm sure those "Town Hall Bureaucrats" are quaking in their boots....NOT!

As you quite rightly point out, Common Purpose is the real enemy here, and no amount of posturing by Cameron, or anybody else will make a blind bit of difference.

English Pensioner said...

Which is why I intend to give up buying a daily newspaper once my annual subscription expires.
These days there is very little news of which one is not aware via the radio, TV or internet, and one would have hoped for more in-depth coverage from the papers. But no, little more detail and a lot more largely pointless article, presumably because its cheaper to have a journalist sitting at home writing than actually going and getting real coverage.
Gone are the days when they had reporters like Bill Deedes who was despatched in 1935 to cover Mussolini’s imminent invasion of Abyssinia.
If they are merely going to print news that I can read on the internet, I'll save my subscription and buy a new laptop or iPad.

TomTom said...

Which is why I intend to give up buying a daily newspaper once my annual subscription expires.

Pensioners who buy ANNUAL subscriptions to newspapers. That is a real sign of commitment. I resent having an Annual Subscription to the BBC but only pay it monthly so my heirs can save some money !

In Cameron resides the hopes and wishes of the 70% Conservative Party faithful who voted for him as Supreme Leader.

He is WYSIWYG and always was...but just like the German Defence Minister Guttenberg he appealed to the nostalgia crowd for an "aristo" to lead them back to croquet on the lawn but ended up with a Class A Fake

a serf on the land of the British EU Barons said...

See, we aren't really dealing with principled columnists of a mythical journalistic tradition or even concerned politician-bloggers - even Redwood will convey any facts in a way that is favourable to his purpose. We are dealing with systematic perception shapers who have a stake in the status quo.

The establishment gave up real politics a long time ago. What has replaced it is a cult of criminality that needs to be hidden by lie upon lie.

What the people with this truth clear in their head need to do is to persuade others to stop subscribing to the cult through their purchase of news media. This is not done by basing their own offerings on MSM output. Indeed, it only gives it credibility. The propogandist MSM and blogging establishment needs to be ignored and marginalised, and independent bloggers need to go to root sources in the first instance.

Furthermore, I don't see the need for Common Purpose in any conspiracy. People just become corruptable when there is no civilisation aka moral absolutism.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

md: You said it!

EP: Agreed, but echo TT's view of an annual sub!

TT: Why no-one sussed DC as a Leftie Con I do not know - bet those who voted for him feel a tad sick now!

Serf: Agree with what you say but CP is the vehicle that bred the corruption as far as political ethics are concerned.