Tuesday, 22 March 2011

MPs - 'Q' Ships

Pixijade posts on Hannan and Carswell, linking to another post - that of Muffled Vociferation - in relation to the 'Peoples Pledge'. It was that thought from MV which resulted in my comment on Pixijade's post, namely are Hannan and Carswell all that they appear? Are they the equivalent of 'Q-ships' which were used during World War I & II?

It is a sign of the dire straits to which politics has descended in our country that it becomes necessary to question the motives, especially in respect of Carswell, of one who is considered "Honourable" - a suspicion that then, unfortunately by association, has to be directed to Hannan. Are they in fact working to secure a referendum in this country knowing that it would be lost - especially with the recent news that the EU intends to 'interfere' in any referendum held - and thereby accomplishing Cameron's stated dream that we remain in the EU?

Why else would they both urge that the Better Off Out (BOO) campaign be wound up? Why would they wish to create a new 'movement' comprising MPs other than to keep that new 'movement' 'in-house' and thereby controllable? It would appear they are attempting to split Eurosceptic support in their own party (what there is of it), which leads one to ask: Why?

As with other MPs, the question has to be enquire of both men why are they members of the Conservative Party and why do they take the Conservative Whip? Surely if their publicly stated views are correct, should they not resign the Conservative Whip and declare their support for another party? Should they not take a leaf out of David Davis' book - who resigned his seat in order to promote debate on civil liberties - and stand for re-election? If they believe so much in self-government, would it not be logical to do likewise and thus promote debate on EU membership? 

All things considered, there is nothing like putting one's beliefs and principles to the test - is there chaps?

Update: You might like this.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link David,It is becoming clearer what they are up to , most likely as you say some type of decoy, working for Cameron to keep up the assumption that the conservative party is still coonservative and eurosceptic. They are probably trying to split the eurosceptic vote of the public, Ukip is gaining more and more support and the cameroons know it.
If either of them believed in a Britain out of Europe then they would have left the conservative party under Camerons leadership long ago, and this peoples pledge (which I am sure that the meeting they held to end B.O.O was where the peoples pledge came from)is not for calling for an out vote, the only conclusion is that they do not want out and though they will continue their propaganda all the same.

serf on land of EU baron said...

This is great to see this idea gaining traction because discrediting Hannan and Carswell is a great tactical move as well as striking for truth and justice.

I think that they wanted to wind up BOO because of what they said about a cross party approach. Incredibly frustratingly, they have a bleating contingent in the UKIP ranks who would leap off a cliff if ordered to.

Do you know what? My local UKIP branch sends me the Hannan monthly newsletter? See how it is? Most of them are convinced that they should tell people to vote for the LibLabCon instead of UKIP at 2015. And why? Because Hannan has this mellifluous grip over them that appeals to their vanity.

Also saw MVs post but couldn't comment to say good show.

I might humbly add that I expressed myself about it too.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Pixilady: My pleasure.

serf: Thanks your comment - have added as an update a link to your post.

Serf said...

Cheers m'dear!