Sunday, 13 March 2011

Nick Clegg lies - to his party and to the public!

What a surprise - not! The transcript of his speech today can be found here.

Clegg says that the Liberal Democrat Party is "a party of fairness, freedom, progress and reform."; that "We cherished those values in opposition. Now we’re living by them in Government."; that "People who don't want politicians lecturing them on how to live. And who are fed up with politicians taking their votes for granted. "; that "I didn’t get into politics to balance the books. It is what we have to do – so we can do what we want to do."; that  if Clegg"..... a referendum to change our voting system. For the first time ever, the people of Britain choosing how to choose their MPs........AV is a small change that makes a big difference. It keeps what people like about the current system, like constituency MPs. It simply puts people, rather than politicians, in charge"; that "The banks must go back to being the servants of the economy, not the masters."; and finally, that "Giving voters the right to sack corrupt MPs."

To which can be said: if Clegg believes his party is a party of freedom, then how can he justify accepting the subservient position of being answerable to a foreign totalitarian state; how, exactly, can any British politician do what they want to do when they are beholden to that foreign totalitarian state; if certain values are cherished in opposition and some of them have been neutered in order to gain office, how are they lived in Government; how are the British people choosing how to choose their MPs when the choice has been dictated by those in government - if we were really choosing then we would be provided a choice from all available methods;  AV no more puts people rather than politicians in charge than does any other system; if banks must go back to being the servants of the economy, not the masters - then how about politicians returning to the position where they are the servants of the public and not their masters? Finally, to say that the Coalition is giving voters the right to sack corrupt MPs is laughable when the ultimate decision on whether they can be sacked remains with their colleagues?

When oh when will politicians stop lying to their electorate; when oh when will politicians stop relying on what are 'soundbites'; when oh when will politicians stop lecturing their electorate; when oh when will we have politicians that do deserve the title of Honourable and Rt. Honourable?

When oh when will the British people decide, either peacefully or bloodily, to remove these parasites from our society?


The Gray Monk said...

We tend to blame the Minister when in fact the 'policy' is entirely the creation of some faceless and probably chinless wonder lurking in Whitehall at great cost to the rest of us and about which the Minister has never been informed.

These vile bureaucrats need to be tracked down, dismissed their lucrative and cushy non-jobs and certainly the one responsible for this instruction to a destitute and ill man should be instantly dismissed and forfeit any pension and other rights.

Having worked aongside the Civil Servants I have learned that quite often the Minister is told one thing, the Civil Service is busy doing another and he/she is frequently completely unaware of these "Rules" the Civil Servants have created and keep close to their chests - though they always trot them out as "law" when it suits them.

Most of these "rules" have never been approved by any Minister, much less aired in Parliament and are seldom actually available when a copy is requested. They are entirely the creation of the real Rulers of the UK, the unelected and unanswerable Civil Service.

Anonymous said...

When people start demanding their "God given" rights instead of "man derived" "rights" - is when everyone gets their rights back to live and do as they choose. Until then it's just whatever ideology manages to propagandize and popularize itself into becoming the most acceptable by the populace will determine which set of pick-and-choose set of rules the playbook will go by. But without endorsing an idea that "all people" should be free, as "God given", then it will just be more of the same, back and forth amongst whatever wealthy players manage to capture the attention of the populace using the propaganda machines for which only the wealthy can afford to pay. Unalienable, God given, words to that effect imply, to all, not just a choosen few, or some "rights" are more important than others. Until then, it's just more of the same, tit for tat, back and forth and will never result in an actual leveling of the playing field, all being equal.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TGM & A: By God, you two are quick off the mark - be back shortly!

Caratacus said...

When the heating system in Hell fails and frost is seen on the upper slopes of Hades; when Gordon Brown holds his hands up and presents himself to Scotland Yard voluntarily to be prosecuted for treason; when The Archbishop of Canterbury condemns sharia law as something that we don't want here thank you very much; and when Joanna Lumley invites me to her bed ..... that is when, WfW, I fear. And not before.

Sue said...

His "alarm clock Britain" phrase gets to me. It's those working people who are footing the bill for the Libdim's socialist Britain.

They don't give two hoots for working people, neither do the Cons. The working people of Britain are the cash cows by which they survive and fund their left wing projects and the EU!

James Higham said...

How long will you give Cleggover?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Hell, never has a post of mine prompted so many comments in such short a time - but here goes with my responses:

TGM: Agreed but then the CS is but implementing the ideas of CP, ideas that only further the designs of the EU!

A: Could not agree more!

Sue: Agreed, well said!

JH: Oh, I don't know - yesterday?