Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Democratised Dictatorship

Yet another example of the above hoves in view today.

Should not this additional person be elected, rather than be appointed?

On the bright side, it just means one more seat for the Conservatives to lose, come 2014!


Goodnight Vienna said...

This is disgraceful - all MEPS should be elected, not just shoe-horned in on behalf of the govt of the day.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

GV, exactly why this post has the title it has.

But anyway, whats different this decision from any other he makes - ie a referendum? It is what he wants not what is good for the country

Edward Spalton said...

Reminds me of a Country & Western song of years ago.

"Now there's some mighty smart men
Who run the USA.
They head the lists of "some of our great men".
Then there are others
Who are the big-shots' brothers.
They weren't elected.
They were just put in.

O all the monkeys ain't in the zoo.
There's some runnin' loose, living off me and you.
Look when you're in a crowd
And you'll agree too.
O all the monkeys ain't in the zoo."

Tufty said...

The most amazing thing here is that this move is presumably legal. Does it imply that governments don't actually have to hold elections for MEPs?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

ES: Very apt!

T: Presumably.......

Edward Spalton said...

We have an unelected MEP for our region, Glenys Wilmot (Labour). The elected MEP. Phillip Whitehead , who was number 1 on the Labour list, died so Ms. Wilmot, who was number 2 on the list, automatically took his place.

Whilst this is horribly undemocratic, it would be a frightful expense to arrange a region-wide by-election for a single MEP.

Blame Mr. D'Hondt, who created the wretched system for that non-country, Belgium.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

ES: take your point about cost of election and that No2 takes over from No1 - that is the system and it is based on votes cast.

This additional MEP is just that an addition, therefore whatever region in which he is to be put should elect him! Simples - it is all about democratic principles, is it not?