Thursday, 17 March 2011

What exactly is going on 'behind the scenes'?

Douglas Carswell's latest blog is headlined: "You can't do politics without a roadmap", in which he queries why Coalition Ministers have an idea of what they wish to achieve - yet it is far from clear they know how to make it happen. So what exactly is the reason? Is the civil service 'blocking' Minister's ideas and if so why? Is there a 'roadmap' and if so what is it and who drew it up? Just who's 'roadmap' is it?

Courtesy of Freenations I come across this talk (38 mins) by Rodney Atkinson about those behind the creation of the European Union and the organisations still in existence today with fascist backgrounds. (Okay, some hold the view that Rodney Atkinson has a "bee in his bonnet" about fascism and links with the EU, but it is still worth listening to).

In a slightly convoluted path of thought it then made me wonder why politicians and bureaucrats continually remain employed? In private enterprise if a director of a company is guilty of 'malpractice', of abusing his position, he can be barred from holding further directorships and, if the offence is sufficiently serious, sent to prison - likewise in private enterprise any employee can be sacked for bad performance or worse. So why does the same set of conditions not apply to our politicians and bureaucrats? Why are certain 'public figures', be they in the public or private fields, such as Fred Goodwin, he of RBS fame, now quietly re-employed? Why are heads of quangos and similar organisations awarded bonuses for achieving targets? Why are they not financially penalised for not achieving those same targets; and having failed in that for which they are employed, why are they still employed?

I can but repeat a question from an earlier post, namely what exactly is Common Purpose and why the need for secrecy if there is nothing subversive in its organisation, theories and practises? Who, within the political and bureaucratic fields have attended one of CP's courses or are a member of CP? How many other such organisations are there? How many of our civil service have done 'tours of duty' in Brussels and since come home to restart work in this country - having been 'converted' into furthering the cause of the EU? And we have "transparency" in how we are governed?

It may well be that some readers will accuse me of indulging in 'conspiracy theories' - which I am not. I just believe that, to echo sentiments expressed on Freenations, politics is a grubby game which decent people find rather impenetrable, rather murky, unprincipled and dishonourable;  and so avoid. Yet it behoves those of us who care about our nation - when we find our nation, our parliament, our democracy and our society in danger of extinction - to act. If we are unable to change the present state affairs through democratic means and the only option left is to resort to hemp and lamposts, then so be it!

Just thinking and asking, that's all........................


Anonymous said...

In some companies, it's not that the directors of the board or chief officers would be let go, in some of the largest corporations in the world operating out of Japan, the directors and chief officers have actually voluntarily resigned once it became clear they were incompetent or even while they were in that position, something tragic befell the company or it lost its way - they resigned - voluntarily - without being told - as a matter of losing face.

If the lot running government these days were to be told the truth of the matter, to their faces, such that they were shamed and made to realize it, then maybe some of them might have the moral courage one day to voluntarily resign too - before getting out the rope and lamposts became a necessity.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

A: Agreed, but I fear over here our polite elite do not possess the honour and principles that the Japanese do!

Serf of the Land of the Eu Barons said...

WfW, there are no such thing as conspiracy theories, there is only asking pertinent questions.

Just look at the way that we are in the EU expressly against most people's desires. The establishment, by which I mean people in the political elite or on the periphery with vested interests in the status quo, construct the reality and project it to us that being in the EU is what we want, what we asked for, and what is inevitable.

The truth is that the EU is as feeble as a paper shade held up to cover from sight our real heritage and the rights it confers upon us.

When anyone rips a tear in that shade, the establishment defines it as a conspiracy theory or teh work of a crack-pot so that others, acting on their programming, will not peer through.

As for why certain people never seem to depart after their failure I think the reason is twofold: 1, they don't have any shame and they think that they too important to be undone by a mistake, and 2, they have pals who also have no morals. The role that Common Purpose might have is to teach these corrupted values?

Anonymous said...

From David Lonsdale

I found this on a webpage called the Globalist. To paraphrase,Pascal Lamy says that the EU is a blueprint for World governance. The article is shot through with 'Common Purpose'. He also mentions the vision of the EU's founders, who believed that the days of the nation state were finished. This view was re-iterated by Rumpy Pumpy recently.

If you cannot open the link I have copied the whole thing into 'Word'.

derek.buxton1 said...

There has been for many years a feeling that the "civil service" is out of our control, totally. After all I believe I read that the original idea of the EU was a memo written by a British civil servant. Added to this is the distinct impression that the FCO works not for us but for every foreign interest it can find. I think you will find that they are 100% in favour of the EU, it is beaurocratic like them.

Anonymous said...

A: Agreed, but I fear over here our polite elite do not possess the honour and principles that the Japanese do!


Yes, but what is the one thing different between there and here. The one main thing different is over there, there is a homogenous cultural history and tradition that is allowed to remain as it is, thus binding everyone to the unspoken definition of what is ethical and what is shameful, so that losing face becomes obvious to the wrong-doer holding public office, who then resigns, voluntarily. Over here the common history, culture and traditions as free people have been taken away, so that it no longer exists - the nationalisation of the pubs and closures is a testament in its self to that among other things - with the result being there is no longer any clear cut realisation of politicians doing the wrong thing and losing face, so no amends for their wrong-doings need ever be admitted, let alone having to step down when they pull a doozy and destroy whole swathes of the population. By demoting the local cultures, traditions and national sovereignties, the EU, UN and soon world-government is simply making it impossible for anyone in power to ever feel anything immoral or unethical about anything they order done, even so much if they order up new concentration camps, it will all seem normal, since the old ways which bind people to a sovereign common belief and background will no longer exist.