Monday, 28 March 2011

More from Russia Today

Misanthrope Girl posts on Libya and asking the question of what happens when the no-fly zone ends. Yet again we are reliant on Russia Today who have an in-depth interview with Nigel Farage on the same subject, who whilst answering questions using plain simple English also poses one or two.


Two comments to this youtube video are worthy of repetition:
"UKIP is probably the only legitimate alternative/opposition political party in the UK. However, the current regime/system ensures that the majority of voters will never see anything like this interview."
 "A similar problem of censorship is existent in the States. If citizens don't actively seek out the truth, they'll just be fed shovels full of bullsh*t. (Lord, I love Farage! Wish we could clone him!)"
It can only be hoped that UKIP do 'get their act together' and thereby actually become the legitimate alternative/opposition party. What is needed in their presentation is more emphasis on their policies and less on the EU - but then pointing out that to implement policies which do appeal to the majority of the electorate, immigration, defence, law & order, education, it would be necessary to withdraw from the EU.

So, Nigel, what about it then?

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Anonymous said...

I had to FB this last night, too, Mr W and I hope more people do. It's the only way this brilliant man's opinion has a hope of reaching the wider public.

RT is a valuable resource!