Monday, 28 March 2011

For what we are about to receive (may the good Lord get us the hell out!)

Once again, with thanks to The Albion Alliance Presents, notice of an extremely important document published by the European Commission can be read here - one that has untold costs for this country. It relates to what is in store for us in the field of transport covering air, road, rail and waterway travel including the movement of goods. From the EU Commission White Paper, from the Annexe (page 18) it is possible to see just what is planned - a programme to make the mind boggle! Forget the time involved, the entire document is well worth reading!

As to cost, one can but quote from page 14, point 55:
"A well-performing transport network requires substantial resources. The cost of EU infrastructure development to match the demand for transport has been estimated at over € 1.5 trillion for 2010-2030. The completion of the TEN-T network requires about € 550 billion until 2020 out of which some € 215 billion can be referred to the removal of the main bottlenecks. This does not include investment in vehicles, equipment and charging infrastructure which may require an additional trillion to achieve the emission reduction goals for the transport system." (my emphasis)
 This document sets out, for the future, in what, where and how you will be allowed to travel and the additional costs which will have to be borne depending on the mode of travel selected. Just where does this madness end and, more importantly, just how deep are are pockets?

Let no-one be mislead - HS2 is no more a British policy than I'm the Pope! Let no politician ever try to tell me that, when the party of government, they 'govern' this country. Following Cameron's misleading Parliament, let no politician from the Lib/Lab/Con attempt to talk to me because I will quote some well-known words; namely there is nothing that they could say to me now or in the future that I would believe!


Tufty said...

I notice they plan to both increase mobility and create jobs. As jobs are costs, the EU plan is to make transport more expensive, thus decreasing mobility, at least in terms of its affordability.

These guys don't even bother to make sense.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

T: Aha, you spotted that too!

More importantly, will the plebs?

banned said...

Would that have anything to do with last weeks announcement that some councils are about to introduce penalty charges on Resident Parking Permits for those who own deisel cars despite us being told for years that they were more eco-friendly (which, granted, was always nonsense) and so encouraged to buy them rather than petrol versions?

Anonymous said...

Reading the commission's report it becomes clear that they are going to price private cars off the road - certainly by 2050.

This won't apply to THEM.

Woodsy42 said...

This is I guess another classic example of a problem-reaction-solution gambit.
The problem - global warming (total scam of course but it's an ideal manufactured sham problem because it only needs a few bought scientists to perpetuate via the useful idiots.)
Then the reaction - an EU transport policy.
Then the solution - most ordinary people forced off the roads and limited travel options so the elite can live in the manner to which they are rapidly becoming acustomed.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

W42 Yup, all we need now is the centre lanes reserved for the 'Polis' and we will then have the EUSSR.